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Five Things Friday #2

  1. I saw Heather post about a 2012 Declutter and Organize Calendar  on her blog a few days ago and decided it was something that I needed to look into.  The current situation in our house is pretty much wide spread mess.  Boxes from Christmas still scattered about, gifts that need to be put in their proper place, leftovers in the fridge that have been there for far too long, etc.  I took a quick glance through this calendar and decided it would be a good guide for me to start 2012 in a more organized fashion.  Now the question is, can I stick with it throughout the year? Only time will tell.
  2. My brother-in-law got a new kitten.  It is SO cute.  It makes me want to add another furry friend to our family.  We may have been searching the classifieds and rescue sites for the last month or so for this reason.  You know, just in case there happens to be a dog or cat that seems like it would be a perfect addition to our little family. 😉
  3. I played a new game over  the holiday: Fluxx!  (The regular version, and the zombie version.)  It was a lot of fun, and much easier to learn than I thought it would be.  Do you play games? What is your favorite? I’m always looking for new suggestions!
  4. I got this Food Network Recipe/Tip a day calendar for Christmas.  At first sight I thought to myself, “ooh, I should make a goal to make and blog each recipe!”  Then shortly after that thought I realized that doing that would more than likely be setting myself up for failure, so I changed my mind.
    Food Calendar
  5. Monday was the first time I went to Yoga class in almost 3 weeks.  For my sanity (and the health of my body) this needs to not happen again.  Please help remind me to go to yoga at least once a week from now on.  This really should not be as big of a hassle as I seem to think it is sometimes.  The studio is less than 2 miles from my house, there are at least 5 classes a week that I could be going to. I’m counting on you, blog and Twitter friends, to keep me in line!

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  1. i got that same calendar for christmas! can’t wait for january 1st – i wouldn’t let myself peek because i want to be surprised each day. 🙂

  2. I saw that game Fluxx on a Vlog on YouTube. It looks like lots of fun. I’m excited to try it because they have it at a fun store nearby.

  3. Fluxx is super fun!! I got Bananagrams for Christmas! and I bought Fiancé a game called Munchkin that’s super fun! I love games!! 😀

    and yes. Kitten is super adorable!!

  4. I’m going to check out heather’s calendar! Also if your day calendar has any good tips, please share!

  5. 1 that declutter calendar is going to save all our lives.

    2. i call that part of december/january “when christmas is hung over” – boxes, presents, leftovers, wrapping paper that cat wont stop playing with, etc.

    3. oh my god. that kitten!

    4. Fluxx looks fun! I got “Name 5” and it is AWESOME!

    5. maybe instead, just plan to blog about ONE of the recipes or techniques this year?

    6. yoga? i say corpse pose for 15 minutes before bed counts 😉

    • Name 5 looks fantastic!! Thanks, I will be looking for that at Toy Fair 🙂

      Corpse pose is great for relaxing my mind before bed, but my back and hips need much more regular stretching than that to be functional.

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