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Organize 2012 – 1/2/12

Remember when I showed you all this super cool de-clutter and organize calendar for 2012?  Well, I’ve started to do it, and I thought I’d turn it in to a bit of a series.  I’m not going to blog about every single task – because honestly, who wants to know that I dusted my cupboards – but I will share the more interesting ones.  The tasks that are fun, new, organization techniques, or that have particularly good before and after photos.


January 2, 2012 – Set up Donation Station

If you click on the link to the “donation station” above, you will get a better idea of what this is, but I will also explain.  Basically, this is a set of boxes that are meant to keep “transient” items while they await their placement.  This includes things that need to be donated, returned, mailed, etc.

My version is not exactly how it is shown in the example, but it works for me – and it uses all things that I already had on hand!

The starting point is this hanging sweater holder in a closet

Donation Station

Then I put in some bins

Donation Station

Then I labeled those bins

Donation Station

Looks good to me!

We’ll see how well this gets used throughout the year!


If you are looking for more organization posts, click on the “organize 2012” image on the right sidebar! It looks like this:

Organize 2012

There isn’t much there yet, but hopefully in the future it will make it easy to find all of my organization related posts!

6 Responses

  1. This is so neat! Such a great idea-I may steal it 🙂 looking forward to your organizing posts!

  2. i’m following that calendar too & set up my donation station yesterday too! 🙂 i am not looking forward to dusting today…

    • Ugh, isn’t dusting the worst?! But I suppose the calendar is there so I have something to tell me I need to do it…..

  3. We have a donation station too though it is in the form of a large plastic Aldi bag (visible and decent sized.) When it gets filled, the stuff gets moved to another bag and dropped off. Then the cycle starts all over again.

    • I have a seperate “donation station” besides this one….in the form of the closet of our spare bedroom….but I’m trying to be more organized about it this year. Plus, with a smaller container maybe it will get out of the house sooner?

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