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Organize 2012 – 1/7/12

Remember when I showed you all this super cool de-clutter and organize calendar for 2012?  Well, I’ve started to do it, and I thought I’d turn it in to a bit of a series.  I’m not going to blog about every single task – because honestly, who wants to know that I dusted my cupboards – but I will share the more interesting ones.  The tasks that are fun, new, organization techniques, or that have particularly good before and after photos.


January 7, 2012 – Go through your freezer and let go of old and freezer burned food.

Although this is a simple idea, I thought this one was worthy of before and after photos.

Freezer before:

Freezer Before

Freezer after:

Freezer After

This only took minutes to clean out, but it made SUCH a difference!


If you are looking for more organization posts, click on the “organize 2012″ image on the right sidebar! It looks like this:

Organize 2012

8 Responses

  1. want to also join me on cleaning out your cell phone contents this weekend? [i LOVE the calendar – especially since through the holidays i already did a BUNCH of the stuff in the first week of January [as in – um – ALL OF IT] not knowing so i feel “ahead” in that I’ve just had to spend a few minutes each day making sure the task has been done!

    can”t wait until next week!! so glad we are both doing this!

  2. Woah. That’s so weird… I cleaned out my freezer today, too! Hahaha. I must’ve read your mind 😉 So when I write about it on my blog next week, don’t think I’m copying you LOL

  3. This calendar is possibly the best thing you and Heather have ever shared with me (that may be a slight exaggeration). I too cleaned out my freezer yesterday and it’s so much easier to find things now!

  4. Oh man I need to do this and I think I will soon! Thanks for the inspiration and cant wait to hear about your other organization projects!

    • Hooray for organization! This took me less than 15 minutes to do and it is SO much easier to find things now! Definitely worth you time.

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