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Restaurant Review: Flat Top Grill

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

A few weeks ago when Julie (and Dan) were in town, I went out to lunch with them (and Sarah) at the Flat Top Grill.  I hadn’t been there in quite a while, so when Julie suggested it I knew I definitely wanted to try it again.

The concept of Flat Top Grill is pretty simple: you choose the ingredients you want in your stir fry from what is basically a salad bar, and then they stir fry it up for you.  There are many different vegetables to choose from, as well as noodle and rice options.  They also have quite the selection for protein, including tofu, various meats, eggs, and tempeh.  After you have all of your toppings ready, you create your own sauce.  There are many different sauces to start with and you can also mix and match them as well.

My stir fry included rice noodles (in the past I’ve gotten white rice, but was feeling the noodles this time), pea pods, egg, spinach, tofu, corn, and chicken.  For my sauce, I used mostly their pre-made sweet and sour sauce, but I also added some of their orange vinaigrette as well.  Sometimes its kind of hit-or-miss with the creations you make, but I actually really liked mine!  The rice noodles were a great choice, and my sauce tasted delicious as well.

Flat Top Grill

Oh, and that bread on top? It might be the best part of the meal.  It is thin and buttery and delicious – almost like  a tortilla.

The selection of ingredients that they had to choose from was surprisingly diverse.  For some reason I remember the selection being kind of small and many empty containers when I went there in the past.  There are definitely many vegetarian and vegan options, and plenty for the meat lovers as well.

I should warn you though, this is not somewhere you should go if you are extremely picky about your food.  Since everything is cooked on the same flat top grill, often times you get stray pieces of other people’s meal in your bowl.  I’ve never had anything too bad, but I’ve come to expect a stray mushroom or piece of broccoli in my dish.  I’m ok with picking around these, but if you might get grossed out by some random thing in your dish, this might not work for you.  If you really like the idea of making your own stir fry, but don’t want to chance there being extra “things” in your dish, there is another option.  If you mark your dish as “allergy aware” your meal will get cooked on a totally separate frying pan so there is no chance of any contamination.

Overall, it was a delicious meal with great company!

Taste: A, delicious.  Honestly, more delicious than I remember.
Cost: A, one bowl at lunch was $8.99 which isn’t too bad assuming you fill your bowl enough to get a good meal out of it.

Would I go there again? I think so!  Not only was it definitely filling, it seemed pretty healthy too!

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5 Responses

  1. That stir fry looks a lot like Pad Thai… Did it taste similar to that? (If you’ve tried Pad Thai)

    • I think it looks like Pad Thai because of the rice noodles, it actually has sweet and sour sauce on it. But yes, I’ve had Pad Thai and actually love it! ….as long as it isn’t too spicy 🙂

  2. this was a delicious meal – thanks for introducing me to flat-top!

  3. Actually, I think flat top has an allergy or vegetarian or something stick you can put in your food so no other food gets mixed up with it. I’m sure you could use that if you were really picky too.
    I’ve gotten some pretty weird things in mine, and actually the last time I went the chicken was still partly frozen so it turned out really badly… But the bread is delicious. So it works out, haha.

    • Yes, they do have an allergy aware stick, and if you do that they cook it in a totally separate pan so it doesn’t get contaminated.

      I had kind of bad luck there the first few times that I went (especially right when they opened) but this last time was very good!

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