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Project Runway All-Star’s Episode 1

So, yesterday on Twitter I threw out the idea of doing Project Runway recaps on the blog.  I’m a pretty big fan of the show and although I won’t claim to be any kind of fashionista, I definitely have most and least favorites after each episode.  So I decided that each week I will put together a quick recap post of my most and least favorites of the episode.  Even though it is obviously not at all food related (or no challenges yet at least) I thought I’d just throw it into the mix for fun.


Episode 1: Return to the Runway

Favorite: I really liked Mondo’s design.  I was a fan of his on his original season, and although his designs always seem to be a little eccentric and even sometimes odd, they are almost always well constructed and creative.  I love the color, style, and different textures of this particular dress, and the fascinator and shows tie everything together.

Mondo [source]

My least favorite.….well, there were a few that were pretty bad, as there always is in the “unconventional materials” challenge.  I think by least favorite was actually Gordana’s dress.  It just looked like a giant poofball and it didn’t appeal to me at all.  (And yes, I realize I am probably not actually the person they are trying to appeal to.)

Gordana [source]

So there is my first recap! Hopefully I’ll remember to watch and do the recaps each week.  Since I’m a bit behind already, the second episode recap will be up later today.

Do you watch Project Runway?
Are you watching All-Star’s?
Do you have a favorite designer?

My favorites coming into the season are Rami, Mondo, Mila, Anthony and Michael….we’ll see if I continue to like them throughout the rest of the season!


6 Responses

  1. I love Project Runway All-stars because it actually has some designers I still love.

    I agree about Mondo’s dresses. His style isn’t my style but i’s impeccable.

    • Mondo isn’t always my style either, but it is always spot on with construction, pattern, and being fashion-forward.

  2. i love project runway! 🙂 rami is my favorite. i loved him on his season too. i think his designs are beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! We don’t have cable, so I never see commercials for upcoming shows and I didn’t know this was happening! I haven’t watched the last couple new seasons of PR, but I’m so excited about All Stars. I may have watched both episodes on lifetime.com today.

    Did April dye her hair that gray color? It just strikes me as really weird looking.

    • Ah, Yay! I’m glad you are watching!!

      Yeah, I think April did dye her hair that grey color. It looks strange, but it must be some sort of trend right now because I just saw Kelly Osbourne on some show with her dyed grey hair too! Weird.

    • I do not like the grey hair. It makes her skin look weird. And it never matches the make-up she uses.

      When Kelly Osbourne did so it looked better because it was more silver and fit her coloring.

      BTW I love that you watched both episodes 🙂

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