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Project Runway All-Star’s Episode 2

Episode 2: A Night At The Opera

Favorite: I really liked Michael’s dress.  It was glitzy and glamorous without being too over the top with the sparkle and feathers.  Loved it.

Michael [source]

Least Favorite: April’s dress was definitely my least favorite.  It did not look well constructed or even very glamorous, definitely not something that I’d want to wear to the opera.  Also, the hair and expression of the model (in this photo at least) didn’t really help the fact that the dress looked a bit disheveled.

April [source]

What were your most and least favorite designs from this week??

3 Responses

  1. i still haven’t finished this week’s episode. 🙁 can’t wait to see them all though!

  2. April dyeing the fabric which was gorgeous made no sense. She didn’t give it an ombre effect…she gave it a mess look. Sweet Pea should not have gone home.

    I loved Austin’s dress but think it was more appropriate for an awards show. Michael’s dress should have won for the Opera.

    • Yes, I liked Austin’s dress too, but I agree, much more Red Carpet than Opera.

      And seriously, that fabric looked like it was just still wet or something.

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