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101 in 1001 #42 : Have a Spa Day at Sundara

Well, its a new year, and I have been at this 101 in 1001 list for about 365 days. Last year I checked off quite a few on the list, and this year I’m hoping to whittle it down even more.  January is off to a good start – I’ve already checked off a couple – including this one that I checked off a few days into the new year!

For my birthday, my Mom gifted me a massage at Sundara, and I cashed that massage in a couple of weeks ago! Unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the spa, so I have no photos for you but I’ll try to explain the spa experience as best I can so you can get some idea of why this was on my 101 in 1001 list.

When you pay for a massage (or any other service) at Sundara, you get to use their facilites for the whole day. What exactly does this mean?  Let me tell you.

After you check in, you are escorted to the locker room and given a locker, robe, and sandals.  You than slip into your swimsuit, (side note: I really need to invest in a new swimsuit. I had to dig deep to even find something halfway decent in my closet to wear!) robe, and sandals and head off to the spa area.

Once you get to the spa, there are a few options.  They have a reading/quite room where you can sit and read, sip tea/water/coffee, and relax. There is also an outdoor seating area with a pool and hottubs which would be nice in the summer, but I didn’t brave the cold to go out there in the freezing snowy weather.

The first thing that I did after I got all swimsuited up was the  “Purifying Spa Ritual.” This is included in any service that you get, and they suggest you do this before your appointment, but you can do it whenever and however much you want.   To start, you rub your body down with a sandstone body polish to exfoliate your skin.  The next step is to apply a lavender body mist and sit in the steam room.  After you steam all of the toxins out of you, you alternate time in the cold tub and the hot tub.  Yes, I did dip in the cold tub once, but of course the hot tub is MUCH more appealing!  That all takes 20-30 minutes, and it a great start to a relaxing day.

After the bath ritual, I went and sat in the quiet room for a bit, read and sipped tea while I waited for my massage.  What I don’t like about many massage places that are not “spa’s” is that you just kind of go in, get a massage, and leave – maybe not any more relaxed than you were to start with.  Sundara, however, does it right.  Assuming you get there early enough, you can fully relax before the massage, and then even more afterwards if you wish.

My massage was great.  Enough pressure to feel like I was releasing muscle tension, but not so hard that I felt like I was going to be bruised the next day.  I also love the spa smells.  Lavender and other essential oils make me feel relaxed and in a spa state of mind.

I will definitely be going back to Sundara in the future.  It is not the cheapest massage, but I feel like the whole experience is worth a little bit higher price.  They also have overnight accommodations which I may look into in the future as well.  I definitely recommend Sundara!

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  1. This makes me feel like I really should add “spa day” to my 101 in 1001 list…

  2. Hi Kelly – I highly reccommend staying at the Sundara. I stayed for a weekend with 2 girlfriends. We stayed in a queen room which came with a sofa bed that was really comfy ( I slept there not like a regular sofa sleeper.) Splitting the cost 3 ways it wasn’t bad. Great spa food, exercise room .. we used the pool in late Oct but it is heated all year. I think they even do room specials during the week. Take your mom – or girlfriends or hubby – you’ll love it!

    • Thanks Kari! I definitely would love to do that with some girlfriends, preferably in the summer this time 🙂

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