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Crockpot Parmesan Chicken With Orzo

Lots of people love their crock pot.  People love how “easy” it is to get a dinner together with only a few minutes of preparation.  The crock pot at our house is very underused.  You see, even though it is known as a time saver, you do still have to plan your meal when it involves using a crock pot.  You can’t just decide at 3pm Saturday afternoon that you want a crock pot based meal for dinner.  I learned this the hard way last weekend.  While I was perusing the long list of recipes that I want to make, I came across one after another that looked delicious, but relied on a crock pot.  So frustrating.  Why couldn’t I just plan farther ahead!? But, instead of just getting upset about my meal planning abilities, I stopped and collected myself, made an easy dinner for Saturday and decided that I would make a crock pot meal on Sunday.  Plenty of time to plan. One healthy decision at a time, I’m working on it.

The meal that I decided to make was this parmesan chicken from How Sweet It Is.  Jessica has actually posted a few different crock pot recipes recently, but I thought I would start with this one since it seemed pretty easy….and delicious.  You can find the recipe here.

Chicken Parm

It was not at all hard to put together, aside from getting the timing correct. The chicken needs to marinate the night before, and then cook for 6-8 hours the next day.  So yes, it was physically easy, but it did take some planning ahead.

Parmesan Chicken

I used peas and corn for veggies instead of the broccoli that she used.  I wasn’t actually sure how well it would turn out switching for such different veggies, but I still liked it! I do love peas and corn though, so I suppose I couldn’t go wrong with adding them to noodles, chicken, and cheese – 3 other things that I love.

Overall though, it turned out really delicious! It was an easy, healthy meal that was definitely filling and delicious as well.

Ease: A-, physically not hard, but it does take some pre-planning
Taste: A+, this was really delicious.  The flavor of the chicken is not strong, but it is enough so that it doesn’t just taste like plain old chicken.

Would I make it again?  I think so!  It is  a good weekend meal that makes for good leftovers during the week.


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  1. looks like something I’ll be making soon… 🙂

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