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Project Runway All-Star’s Episode 3

Episode 3: Patterning for Piggy

Let me just start off by saying that this episode was very hard for me to judge.  Designing something for Miss Piggy meant basically that the the whole aesthetic was not something that I am a fan of.  So really, even my “favorite” is not at all something I really loved – but I felt like it would fit Miss Piggy’s aesthetic best.

Favorite: My favorite dress for Miss Piggy was definitely Rami’s dress.  Although it is something that I’d never think about wearing, I really liked the polka dots, pink, and ruffles.  It definitely was something that I could see Miss Piggy wearing.

Rami [source]


Least Favorite: Although there were many dresses that I did not love, this one was definitely my least favorite.  Not only did I not like the style and structure of the dress, I didn’t think it was appropriate for Miss Piggy.  Miss Piggy’s personality is much more bright pink than black and white.


Did you watch this week?

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