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Realizations During a Road Trip

Last weekend I drove down to Chicago by myself for  a work event.  Though it wasn’t a very long drive, it was long enough for me to think about some things while  I was behind the wheel.  Here are some random thoughts from that road trip.

  • Although my giant Nalgene water bottle may have been a good idea to bring along so that I stayed well hydrated during the drive, the twist of cap is not ideal.  I ended up purchasing a different water bottle while I was there that was much easier to handle while driving.
    Water Bottle
  •  There will always be traffic on the way to Chicago.  Construction in the Spring/Summer/Fall, snow in the Winter.  In my case, there was snow, but it was off the roads by the time I came down.  It was the snow removal vehicles that were still getting the snow off of other parts of the road that were causing the backups.
  • You know you are addicted to your iPhone when a 30 minutes into a 3 hour drive you find yourself wanting to check your Twitter feed and read your favorite blogs on your iPhone.  But, of course, this isn’t possible while driving.  This was the first time in a while that I had driven a long distance by myself and it definitely made me realize how dependent on my iPhone I am.
  • These little packets of applesauce make a great road trip snack when you are the only one in the car.  Easy to open, there isn’t a risk or spillage (unless I suppose you squeeze it on yourself) and they are healthy and yummy!  These are the kind I had this weekend, but actually I think I like the Trader Joe’s variety a bit better because they are a little sweeter.
    Apple Apple
  • The best music for a car ride (especially a solo ride) is music that you can sing along to.  For me, this comes in many forms:  Glee, Britney Spears, Musicals, and other catchy pop hits like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Adele…..and maybe even some Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus…..  Singing your lungs out to fun music definitely helps pass the time.
  • The open road tolling system is really a genius timesaver.  I remember driving down to Chicago when I was younger with my parents and having to bring bags of change and stop every 45 minutes or so to wait in a line of cars to pay tolls.  Now, with the open road tolling and my iPass, I just breeze right through.   And I can’t imagine how much change I’d need for the high price of tolls these days…..!

How was your weekend?  Anyone else have thoughts about taking road trips by yourself?

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  1. Love Camelbak water bottles! They are greayt for running too. You don’t have to tilt them back to get the water out!

    • It did take me a while to get used to the fact that you don’t need to tilt it to get water out, but I love it!

  2. There is a way to skip the Chicago traffic: leave after 9 pm or before 5 am. Of course, on our last drive through, our car repairs weren’t done and we didn’t start driving until around 5pm. That is NOT a good time to be driving through.

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