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Project Runway All-Star’s Episode 4

Episode 4: Good Tastes Taste Good

Favorite: Again this week I like Rami’s look the best.  I thought he definitely captured the green color of the ice cream, but it still had interest in the different variations and textures of green that he used.  And the accessories and hair are spot on.

Rami [source]

Least Favorite: I really did not get Kara’s look.  It was boring, unfinished, and not like the delicious gelato that it was supposed to by inspired by.

Kara [source]

Did you watch this week?  What was your favorite look?!

7 Responses

  1. This post made me smile- I just watched this episode yesterday.. & I actually liked the colors of Kara’s dress. The design, not so much.. I was sad to see April go – it seemed too early for her!

    Love your blog, by the way 🙂

    • Thanks Suzanne!

      I was sad to see April go too, I think maybe she just bit off more than she could chew for the super short time frame.

  2. I hated Rami’s dress. It was too strange with the random colors for me. But I did like Mondo’s dress.

    April was never my favorite but I don’t think she was the one to go home. I think it should have been Kara. Her explanation was good but it didn’t show in the dress.

    • I agree about Kara. She always seems so passionate when explaining her designs, but the passion just doesn’t always transfer to the design.

  3. i didn’t like rami’s dress very much (although i usually love rami’s stuff!). i liked mondo’s dress the best. and i HATED kara’s dress. i thought her’s was worse that april’s.

  4. I found Kara’s dress more offensive for the way it made the model look (pregnant!) than the colors. Jerrell’s was also pretty strange.

    I think my favorite dress this week was Mondo’s.

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