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Restaurant Review: Capitol Chophouse

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

My second restaurant week experience was for lunch.  Last Friday I met Sarah for lunch at Capitol Chophouse.  I’m glad we were able to sneak in a lunch – $15 for a 3 course meal? Heck yes!

Side note: I didn’t realize until looking at their website that they appear to be a chain.  Huh. 

We both were lucky enough to get away from work/school for a nice Friday lunch, and it definitely made the rest of my day go faster!

 Capitol Chophouse

To start, I had the mixed green salad.  It was alright, but pretty standard.  Sarah had the mini chop salad which looked much more interesting.


For my entree, I had the lobster macaroni and cheese – which really should be called seafood macaroni because there are also scallops and shrimp in it.  Although I LOVE macaroni and cheese, I was afraid I might not like this because it mentions chipotle in the sauce.  Chipotle to me equals spicy.  But I went for it and got it anyways, in the spirit of trying new things. It ended up being a bit spicy, but not too much that I couldn’t eat it.  It actually was really good, and had lots of seafood in it.

Seafood Pasta

It was a little strange to have a three course meal for lunch, but again I tried to pace myself so that I could at least try all of the three courses.  For dessert I chose the chocolate cake which was a chocolate buttercream with peppermint anglaise.  The cake was just ok for me.  I really liked the peppermint anglaise, but I was kind of confused about why it wasn’t on top of the cake, it was kind of odd having to dip the cake into it.   The cake itself was not my favorite, it was kind of dry and not really anything special.

Chophouse Cake

Overall, it was a good lunch getaway with Sarah, even though the food wasn’t amazing.

Taste: B+, the entree was good, but the other two courses weren’t anything special.
Cost: A-, the 3 course lunch was $15 for restaurant week but on its own I’m sure it would have been more.

Would I go there again? I’m not sure.  I would say that the macaroni is definitely something every macaroni and cheese lover should try, but I’m since I wasn’t thrilled with the rest of the meal, I’m not sure.

Capitol Chophouse on Urbanspoon


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  1. it was so nice to sneak away from lab and grab lunch with you! 🙂 i loved my dessert there – but i agree, the cake looked pretty standard – nothing special.

    • Yes, your dessert was much more interesting and tasty – not to mention something warm on a cold day is always nice!

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