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Project Runway All-Stars Episode 5

Episode 5: Clothes Off Your Back

Favorite: I really liked Mila’s outfit.  It was a little more toned down than some of the others in the top, but I really liked it. The whole look, with the sunglasses and boots looked very put together and wearable. I would wear it.

Mila [source] 

Least Favorite: Jerrell’s outfit my least favorite this week.  It was just….strange.  The top half was kind of interesting by itself, but the bottom added to that? Just no.

Jerell [source]

Who were your favorites this week? If someone came up to you and wanted the shirt you were wearing for a tv show challenge, woud you give it to them?

4 Responses

  1. Oh no Jerrell it was just strange. Extremely strange. I liked Kara’s because the separates were simple with a pop of the top. It wasn’t too over the top but just enough.

  2. Oh Jerrell…I just don’t understand. I also don’t understand how that model dealt with her waistline being so low.

    Mila’s outfit was pretty good, but I think I like Remi’s the best. I really liked the top.

    • Rami’s was very well put together (as always) but I just didn’t love all of the ruffle on the top, just not my style.

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