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Weekend Cravings {NYC}

Another installment of weekend cravings!  If you haven’t already checked out Katy’s blog and seen her series of cravings, what are you waiting for?!  She is an amazingly talented lady and wonderfully inspiring writer.  She also has an adorable puppy.

This weekend I’m headed on a work trip to NYC.  As much as I like travelling, and my job, airports and travel can definitely be stressful.

Bridge Lights

Here are some things that I am craving:

  • Safe and timely travels.
  • Lots of fun at the trade show.
  • Lots of delicious food which may or may not include cupcakes and/or froyo.
  • Hotel relaxation.
  • Celebrity Sightings.
  • Lots of fun times in NYC.
Katy Loves

What are YOU craving this weekend?

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  1. Have fun in NYC! Go to 16 Handles, that’s my favorite NYC fro yo place. And I will be jealous if you see celebs – I worked in NYC for a year and never saw one!

    • I hope I see some celebs, that is one of my favorite parts of NYC! FroYo is definitely in the near future, I’ve been wanting to try 16 Handles for a long time so hopefully I can make my way there!

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