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Project Runway All-Stars Episode 6

Episode 6: Fashion Face Off

Since the contestants were actually competing against each other in pairs, and they didn’t really all have the same exact challenge, I thought I’d give you my favorites of each season and then my least favorite overall.

Spring Favorite:  Kara.  Although the look is kind of boring, I really liked it and I definitely liked it more the the floral and frills of Austin’s outfit.

Kara [source]

Summer Favorite: Mondo.  I liked this outfit so much more than Kenley’s.  I just didn’t get the appeal of Kenley’s polka dot jumper.


Autumn: Rami.  I think this was my favorite.  I LOVE that blue jacket and I would definitely wear it.  The green top was not great, but I would have liked it if it was in a different color.

Rami [source]

Winter: Jerell…although I don’t think I loved either of them.  And I was definitely annoyed with Michael that he basically denied that Jerell’s design had anything to do with his.

Jerell [source]

Least Favorite Overall: Austin.  The frills and the floral and the camel colored pants are just not my style, and very “grandma” for me.  He may have fantastic craftsmanship, but the prints and silhouettes that he choses are usually not my favorite.

Austin [source]

Did you watch this week?  What did you think of the whole Michael/Jarell situation?

6 Responses

  1. I agree with you on all of the looks.

    I cannot stand Kenley’s look of “I want to be in the 50’s” because she just doesn’t do it right. Even that look in the 50’s was reserved for the girls in high school and college mostly.

    Both winter looks were just too bulky and not attractive. There is another way to do seperates and winter without looking so dark.

    My favorite was Rami because I think I could pull that off. I love Mondo’s look because the mix of patters is so fun and intriguing but I hate shorts for me personally (althought the model looked fantastic).

    My least favorite was Michael. His coat wasn’t even a stylish rip-off of Jerrell’s. At least in the rope dresses he looked stylish when comparing with April.

    *Look at my inner fashionista come out during fashion week*

  2. I thought we might be on the same page with our favorite this week. I don’t like Kara in general, but I did like this outfit. Boring? I guess…but I liked it. Kenley’s romper was hideous. Along with all of her clothes. And her personality 🙂

  3. i watched this episode while i ate lunch today (yay for days spent working from home!). i agree with all of your favorites, but i really thought michael should have gone home and i was SO SO SO sad that rami did. rami’s outfit was one of my favorites!

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