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Project Runway All-Stars Episode 7

Episode 7: Puttin’ on the Glitz

First of all, can I just ask, what is the deal with Kenley’s headdress (aka scarf) when they go to the theatre in the beginning?  I just don’t get her.

Also: This is another challenge (similar to the Miss Piggy challenge) where I would not wear any of the outfits. However, the purpose of the challenge is to fit the costume design that they were asking for so thats what I will try to judge on.

Favorite: Kara’s design seemed classy enough to feel rich, but still bold enough to stand out without looking too ridiculous.  I think the big bow on the front kind of tied the whole thing together for me.


(I did like Mondo’s too, but minus the jacket and the crazy hair.)

Least Favorite: Mila’s skirt was off-kilter, the white faux-fur jacket, really just everything about it was kind of off.  It definitely did not feel rich, or even well constructed like Mila usually does.

Mila [source]

What were your thoughts this week?!

4 Responses

  1. She was covering her rollers. Duh. Haha. I HATE her voice!! Mila’s outfit was terrible!!!

  2. Kenley is a character she’s created…the same with Austin.

    But onto the clothes. I think Michael’s was the most wearable but didn’t fit the character he was dressing. Not “enough” but the color would look great on stage. Mondo’s definitely would look best on stage for the character.

    Mila’s was horrendous. Like something I made in Home Ec before I learned to sew. It wasn’t posh enough either for a rich girl in that part.

    But I just couldn’t get past Kenley’s taste. Those patterns don’t go well together close up. On stage the would look like a mess together.

    • A character is SUCH a good description of Kenley and Austin both.

      Yeah, Kenley’s was close to the worst for me too. The patterns were ridiculous together, but at least the style and fit of the outfit was better than MIla’s!

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