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3 Superbowl Dips

I know, I know, I’m a little late on this since the Super Bowl was a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never, right?

For the Super Bowl party that I went to, I ended up making three different dips to share.  I thought I’d share them all in one post so that you’d have all three together…..and since this post is already pretty delayed, this way it wouldn’t be even longer delayed by putting them each into their own post.

The first dip I made was the NaCHO Cheese Dip from Little Bitty Bakes.  Liz actually warned me that it might be too spicy for me, so I definitely kept an eye on the spices I was adding.  Thanks for the warning, Liz!

NaCHO Cheese Dip

This dip does take a bit of time and patience to make – especially if you are like me and are prone to burning things on the stove.  But once its all melted, it is very easy to adjust the spice level of this.  We ended up adding about 1/2 cup more cheese to the recipe, my taste tester (aka the husband) thought he could taste the Greek Yogurt in it still after it was all melted together.  A little extra cheese can’t hurt. 🙂 When I added the spices, I added about half of the suggested amount first and then had the husband taste it and tell me how spicy it was. He said it really wasn’t spicy at all and had me taste it.  YUM!  Well, yummy for me but bland for probably every other person that would taste it.  So, the husband added the rest of the spices, and then he actually added about a teaspoon more chili powder than suggested to give it a bit more flavor.  At that point I’m sure it was too spicy for me, but he seemed to like it and others did as well.

Ease: A-, it does take a bit or time and attention to melt the cheese yogurt together.
Taste: A, It looked and tasted just like “normal” nacho cheese, with a bit of a healthy twist with the Greek Yogurt.

Would I make it again? Yeah I think so.  It is a bit tricky to serve since it needs to be hot.  Next time, I think I’d actually serve it in a fondue pot rather than a little crockpot that way it doesn’t need to be so close to a plug!


The second dip that I made was Spicy Black Bean and Corn Dip from my Madison area friend Sarah Learns.  As you all probably know by now, I’m not a big fan of spicy things but I know other people are so I decided to make this anyways – I know other people like spicy things so I wasn’t really worried about it getting eaten.

Bean Corn Dip

This dip was very easy to make thanks to the food processor! You basically just throw everything in, blend, and you’re done! I did actually try a tiny bit of this, and it was definitely too spicy for me to eat more than a tiny bit. but it tasted pretty good!  I was afraid it was going to taste like beans,  but actually the corn really stood out as a flavor as well.

Ease: A, although you do have to chop a couple of things, really the food processor does all of the hard work.
Taste: ?, I don’t feel like I ate enough of this to really comment on the flavor, but the bite I had was flavorful and it smelled good!

Would I make it again? I’m not sure.  Since I’m not really a fan of it I’d have to make sure that I was making it for other people who were.


The third dip was a Beer Cheese Dip, you can find the recipe here.

This dip was really a no-brainer for me to make for the Super Bowl.  Beer. Cheese. Dip.  All of those words scream football to me. This recipe was VERY easy to make, and only involved 4 ingredients.

Beer Cheese Dip

It tasted pretty much how you would expect – cream cheese with a hint of cheddar and beer. It was a bit rich for me, but it definitely screams typical foodball food.

Ease: A+, by far the easiest of the three dips.
Taste: A-, it was a bit rich for me, but definitely the thick cheesy dip that you would think of as a party food.

Would I make it again? YeahI see this being a popular party recipe in the future.

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  1. The recipe I use is an 8oz sour cream + 1 cream cheese instead of 2 cream cheese. Maybe that would make it less rich? Beer cheese dip is literally the best, most delish dip ever.

  2. i am obsessed with beer cheese dip. i will park myself next to it all night and eat way more than my fair share.

    i’m glad you made my dip even though it’s spicy! 🙂

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