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Restaurant Review: 5 Napkin Burger

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

I really liked the area of NYC that we stayed in.  It was close enough to walk to Times Square, or Rockefeller Center, but it wasn’t in the heart of all of the action.  I also loved that there were plenty of restaurants within walking distance.  I had done a little research of where to eat before we went (because that is just who I am) and this was one of the restaurants that I found:  5 Napkin Burger.  Although I am not a burger person, bar and grill type restaurants always seem to be a good choice.

The menu had many different options, including sushi and fish tacos as well as their signature burgers and other bar and grill standards.  For my dinner, I had the Milanese Chicken Tenders and they came with Tuscan fries and Italian slaw.  I’m not a fan of slaw, but the fries were amazing.  They had an Italian herb blend, as well as sprinkles of cheese (maybe Parmesan?)  on them and tasted soo good!  I also liked that they were thick cut and had nice potato flavor.  These were most definitely not frozen french fries, they tasted very fresh and flavorful!

Five Napkin Fries

Unfortunately the awesomeness of the fries kind of overshadowed my chicken tenders.  The flavor was very good – more of an Italian herb blend than just your typical crispy chicken – but the chicken seemed to be a bit over done.  I did enjoy that they were definitely baked and not deep fried like many typical bar and grill type chicken tenders are.  (The flavor actually tasted very similar to these chicken tenders that I made a while ago)

FIve Napkin Chicken Tenders

The person that I was with got what was my second choice – lobster roll sliders.  They looked really good, and she said they were delicious!  I’m glad I got what I did though because the lobster rolls didn’t come with the Tuscan fries!

Five Napkins Lobster

Overall the meal was delicious.  The portions were large and filling, but not greasy or too over the top.  The menu was filled with unique choices, and definitely had something for everyone.  Oh, and the other person that I was with is a beer lover and as drooling over their beer selection!  They had lots of her favorites that are often hard to find.

And now after writing about it I wish I had some of those Tuscan fries!!

Taste: A, delicious.  The only reason why it doesn’t get an A+ is because my chicken tenders weren’t as awesome as everything else.
Cost: A, I don’t remember exactly how much everything cost, but I don’t remember anything being unreasonable.  Since the food was so delicious, and it was in NYC, I don’t think we payed more than we should have.

Would I go there again? I know I don’t say this often for out of town restaurants, but I think I would!  I’d really like to try those lobster rolls, and I think the husband would enjoy the burgers that I saw others enjoying.  I could definitely go for more of those Tuscan Fries too!

Five Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon

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  1. This looks so good! I’m jealous 😉

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