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Little Things [5]

It is officially March 2012.  I don’t know where January and February went, but they are now in the past.  Time moves fast, I try to live each day for what it is but inevitably things get crazy and the more fun times get brushed to the side.  Like how I only reviewed 3 home-made foods the whole month of February, and they were dips I made for the Super Bowl.  Today I’d like to push the crazy aside and share with you a few little things that are making me happy.

  • My new nail polishes.  That would be Essie Lapiz of Luxury and Set in Stones topcoat.
    NailsThe blue color is more like the color of the polish in the bottle, the lighting when I tried it take the photo of my hand was kind of funky…and its kind of hard to take a photo of your own hand, the iPhone made it a little bit easier.
  • The fact that I have been able to run 3 times so far this year and it is just the beginning of March.  I have some muddy sneakers to prove it.
    Muddy Shoes
  • I got this fun lens cap clip for my camera strap for Christmas and am loving it!  My lens cap clips right on just as it does the front of the lens.  Now I have no excuse to leave my lens cap laying around random places. Lens Cap

What Little Things are making YOU happy today??

Little Things

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  1. LOVE the lense cap on the strap! That’s awesome!

  2. YAY little things! And that nail polish blue!

  3. Love that blue!

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