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Project Runway All Stars Epiosde 9

Episode 9: When I Get My Dress in Lights

Favorite: I can’t even believe I’m saying this….but Kenley’s design my favorite this week.  The skirt was really Kenley-esque, but I really liked the pattern on the skirt that she made with the neon tape – it was a much more successful use of the tape than on Michael’s dress where you could see all of the wrinkles and the tape looked much more like tape than just a part of the fabric.  I also liked the lights and the shape of the jacket, and for once at least that little part did seem like it was a bit out of her comfort zone.


Least Favorite: Jarell.  It just seemed very messy.  I feel like he tried to do something similar to what Austin did, but didn’t execute it very well.  The lights seemed all over the place and even the outfit itself without the black light was not interesting or appealing to me at all.


What are your thoughts about this week?   I thought the challenge itself was more interesting than some of them have been.  Yes, it wasn’t your typical runway fashion, but the show would be pretty boring if they just had to make pretty dresses every week!

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  1. I am so glad that Jerell finally went home. As far as I’m concerned, it’s been a long time coming and that outfit was pretty weird.

    I didn’t think I’d say this either, but I really liked Kenley’s look. The plaid was a great idea. I also liked Mondo’s, even though it was a little strange.

    • I’m glad Jerell went home too! I really think he has been the weakest one there for a while.

      I liked Mondo’s, but I don’t think it was one of his best.

  2. Jerell has needed to go home for a bit but I don’t think his outfit was the worst…but it definitely wasn’t the best. I really did not like Michael’s.

    Kenley’s was nice but the shape was still very her. I preferred Austin’s and I’m not usually a fan of his work. It fit the challenge without looking like it was from the movie TRON. So pretty yet avant garde.

    • Oh, I didn’t like Michael’s either! From the second she walked out the husband said she looked just like someone from the Mortal Kombat video game. And I agree. And the way the tape was put on was not done well either.

      Austin’s was my second favorite for sure. It was definitely glam, but still had that avant garde edge.

  3. Damn Kenley. Her outfit was my favorite too, but can she please go home?

  4. i 100% agree with you this week! kenley’s was my favorite, but austin’s was very close behind it.

    and jarell’s was awful. i’ve been really disliking his looks for the past couple weeks & i’m glad he finally went home. i did not like mondo’s or michael’s designs this week either though.

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