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Project Runway All Stars Episode 10

Episode 10: Let’s Get Down to Business 

Favorite: Austin.  While I didn’t love the color, I really liked this jacket.  It seemed very wearable and something that many different body types and types of people could pull off.  I also like that it was different from everyone else’s look – it was a jacket, not a dress.


Least Favorite: Kenley.  While the dress wasn’t all that bad, it wasn’t that good either. It was plain, simple and very Kenley.  Nothing special, and nothing different from what she normally does.

Kenley [source]

Who were your favorites this week??

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  1. i actually kind of liked kenley’s dress, but i agree that it wasn’t anything different from her usual thing. i didn’t love mondo’s dress and was surprised that he won.

    i think austin’s was my favorite just because i could see myself wearing it and i definitely wouldn’t wear any of the other looks…

    • I didn’t love Mondo’s dress and I was definitely shocked that it won. Aside from Austins though it did seem like i was more work and planning put into it than the other two.

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