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The Laughing Cow Mac N Cheese

It is no secret that I have a weakness for noodles – especially the cheesy varieties.  When Tina wrote about this simple recipe for The Laughing Cow Mac N Cheese on Carrots N Cake, I new that I needed to make it.  It looked easy, delicious, and relatively healthy.  You can find the recipe here.

Laughing Cow Mac

The recipe is only 5 ingredients, and basically you just cook the noodles and then mix them all together.  Pretty darn easy.  I wasn’t actually sure if I’d love the flavor since I don’t love swiss cheese, but I did.  The creaminess of the swiss mixed with the flavor of the cheddar (which I added a bit extra of) was delicious.  It tasted very similar to macaroni and cheese that is made with a roux on the (much more time consuming) stovetop rather than just some cheese and butter mixed together. Just the thing I like in a dinner:  easy, delicious, and fairly healthy.

Ease: A, it was a bit harder to mix than I had imagined, but really not too difficult.
Taste: A+, really good….I’m sure the bit of extra cheese that I added helped. 🙂

Would I make it again?  I think so.  In fact, I actually bought some sun-dried tomato laughing cow to try as well!

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  1. i love quick & easy recipes like this – perfect for dinner on exhausting days.

    i didn’t love the tomato laughing cow cheese when i tried it – i really like the garlic & herb ones!

  2. Never tried making it with penne! I´m always looking for new mac n cheese variations to try out – this looks delish! thanks!!

    • I love macaroni and cheese, so you’re definitely in the right spot for new recipes! 🙂

      I usually just use whatever type of smallish noodle I have on hand, unless the recipe seems like it needs something super specific – but that usually isn’t the case for macaroni and cheese type dishes.

  3. […] that it was actually much different!   The first recipe that I made with this new found cheese was The Laughing Cow Mac N Cheese.  No surprise, I loved it.  I’ve made it many times since, and for the past few weeks […]

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