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My Favorite Running Accessories

Since I’ve recently began running again, I though I’d share with you some things that make it easier for me.  I by no means love running (yet?) and I’m very hesitant to even call myself a runner (I know, I know, if I run then I’m a runner. I just don’t buy that.) but I thought I’d share some things that I currently cannot live without when I hit the pavement. (In no particular order)

C25K iPhone App.

c25k app

The particular app that I use is called Ease into 5K.  When I bought it it was free, apparently now it is 2.99.  Although being free was definitely a major reason why I started using it, $2.99 isn’t a bad price either.  There are many different apps out there, and I really feel like having something to guide me through my run is essential.

I really don’t know what I’d do without this handy app.  It not only is a training plan, but it tracks all of my stats (distance, pace, etc.) with GPS, plays music, and notifies me when I should be running or walking intervals.  I know some people love their Garmin, but this really does it for me.  It takes some of the pressure off of me when I know it will tell me to run/walk so I don’t have to keep staring glancing at the clock to see how much time is left.



When I started reading posts that friends were writing about running, many, many of them mentioned that they use a SPIbelt. I was definitely skeptical at first, but once I read review after review with pretty much only good things to say about it I finally broke down and got one.  While many runners use this handy pocket for holding things like fuel for long runs, I had one simple reason that made me eventually break down and get one:  my house key.  When I started running last summer, I tried every trick in the book to hold my house key while running – I stuck it in my sock, sports bra, tying it to my shoe, I even found a couple of pants (and a shirt!) with a zipper pocket.  Aside from the zipper pockets, I found myself super paranoid that I would lose my key while running.  The very last thing I wanted was to be exhausted after a run and have to sit outside my house and wait for someone to come let me in. I definitely felt like the paranoia and constant need to check and make sure my key was still in place hurt my focus on running. With the spibelt I really feel like my key is secure and not going anywhere.  Plus, the spibelt will expand to fit my phone!  That is if I ever get out of the habit of holding it so I can change the music while I run.

Good Music

Running Music

I haven’t quite found the exactly perfect mix yet, but  I NEED to have good music to run.  It is a huge motivating factor for me.  Something upbeat with a steady rhythm so that I can just get lost in the song and not worry about however far or fast I’m running.  In general, music can set my mood and running is no exception.  My current running playlist is above, feel free to suggest songs that you love to run to, I’m always looking for new music!!

Friend Support

This is a pretty broad subject, I know.  Friends helped me start running, and friends help me continue to run even – and especially – when I don’t want to.  Whether it is reading a blog post about a race recap, checking out Pinterest for motivation (Mindy always posts the best motivational fitness quotes on her boards!), shouting out to my friends on Twitter, or the husband reminding me to get off of the couch, all of those things are essential to get me running.  If it was just up to me, many days would be spent lounging on the couch in front of the tv catching up on the lives of some of my favorite reality stars.

Good Shoes


When I started running last summer, I didn’t want to make the investment of new running shoes.  I had some decent sneakers that were barely used so I figured they would be good enough to start.  They did work alright, but once I made the commitment to new, better, shoes, I really feel like it helped my running. I felt more confident about what I was doing, and I knew that whatever pain I was experiencing had to do with my body, not my old not so great shoes. (after breaking in the new shoes of course.)  I went to a running store and got my shoes, and would definitely recommend that to anyone who is just starting to run.  The people there knew way more than I do about shoe types and what shoes would be the best options for my feet.  For the amount of money I was spending on nicer shoes, I wanted to know that they were quality, and good for what I would be using them for.  Although they are not super fancy running shoes, they are definitely nicer than what I had, and my body is happier with me wearing them.

Appropriate Clothing (bonus points if it makes you feel good too!)


I’ve played sports in the past but have not ever just ran to run.  I did not have a good idea of what type of clothing was good for running before I started.  It turns out, yoga clothes don’t really double as running clothes – in a lot of cases at least.  Shortly before I started my endeavor into running, I discovered Lululemon.  More specifically, Lululemon pants.  I have long legs and have a very hard time finding pants long enough for my satisfaction.  (Food isn’t the only thing I’m super picky about!)  I LOVE my Astro pants.  Yes, they were not cheap, but they are seriously the most comfortable pants that I have .  But Astro pants are not good for running.  Luckily a friend knew my love and told me they wouldn’t work out before I tried.  I think I must have tried 6 different random pairs of shorts/capri pants before I found some that really worked for me.  With my long legs and high waist it was hard for me to find ones that fit me well enough to stay put while I ran without squishing me.  Tops are a little bit more flexible, I could wear some of the tops that I love for yoga, but I definitely feel more self-conscious while running so some of them were deemed yoga-only.  Through running in many different types of clothing, in many different temperature ranges throughout the past year, one thing that really stands out to me is good clothing.  I have also found that the more I like and am comfortable in the clothing that I wear to run, the more I want to put it on and run.  It is also great motivation for me when I buy a more expensive item telling myself that I will use it for running.  I don’t want to feel like it was a waste of my money, no matter how much it cost, I want to make good use of it!

Anyways, the moral of that rambly story is that yes, you CAN run in many different things, but there are things that are much better than others.  Personally, I feel better and more confident about myself and my running if I am in clothing that I like and fits me well. And no, not all of my running clothing is from Lululemon.  Although I do love the stuff, and think it is generally worth the price tag, I’ve actually found some great things at Marshalls as well.  In fact, my favorite running  pants (Or are they called tights?) are from there and cost somewhere between 10 and 15 dollars!  I also have some capri pants from Old Navy, as well as some tops and sports bras from Lululemon. What matters is not how much it cost, but how it fits me and how I feel while I run.

What motivates you to run?? Are there running accessories that you can’t live without?

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  1. Yes, Yes and Yes!

    I love the C25K app on my iPhone. It’s great for the treadmill so I can cover the numbers and just have it tell me to run and walk.

    Good headphones are key for me. I hate having to readjust them over and over so I had to invest in a good pair.

    My SpiBelt is necessary for my EpiPen and keys and such.

    My good gym membership is necessary with my schedule and allergies so I can run no matter the situation. Makes less excuses.

    • oooh, yes, headphones definitely should be on that list too! When I first started running last year I was just using my normal ipod headphone and they definitely distracted me and detracted from my running as they fell out SO often. A couple weeks later I invested in some new ones, and they work MUCH better. It is definitely necessary to have good headphones.

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