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Project Runway All Stars Finale Part 1

Well, since there isn’t really a finished challenge in this episode, I thought I’d just share my favorite design from this season for each of the three final designers.



Michael’s favorite is definitely the dress in the challenge for the opera.  Gorgeous and glamorous.  Going into the finale I think Michael is my least favorite.  This dress is really the only one that I really liked, and there were definitely a few that were my least favorite pics as well.



Although I don’t think there were any outfits that I really disliked of Austin’s, a lot of them were just kind of meh for me.  I guess I’m just not a huge fan of Austin’s aesthetic.  The jacket that he made in the last challenge was definitely my favorite of his designs.  I know Austin has a lot of fans, and even though I don’t love his stuff I think he has a good chance at winning.



My favorite of Mondo’s designs was the dress from the flag challenge.  I loved the cut out in the back, and the dress was simple and wearable.  I really like Mondo’s style.  Although it isn’t something that I would necessarily wear myself, I can see the fashion in it, and the risk taking, and I love the bright and bold that he brings to the table.  He is definitely my pick to win at this point.

Obviously we haven’t seen the final collections yet, but do you have a favorite to win at this point??

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  1. I couldn’t comment last week because I was a week behind, but now that I’m caught up, I’m so glad to be rid of Kenley! This All Star thing is definitely not that- I find myself being bored during every show. Mondo is so depressing…and his Nanette Lepore dress was hideous. I am actually familiar with that brand, so I suspected his ridiculous color/print combo would be a winner. But it was terrible.
    The high points of this season are Joanna Coles and Georgina Chapman. Everything else is just…meh. And the Heidi Klum girl is terrible. Her creepy large eyed stare has me fast forwarding through everything she says.
    Can it be time for the regular show already? I miss Tim Gunn.

    • If there is one thing that I hope the Project Runway people learned from this is that we all miss Tim Gunn. He is a huge part of why many people love PR. Its just not the same without him.

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