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11 Random Things

I was tagged to do the 11 Random Things post that has been floating around the blogosphere.  Miranda, Krista and Lauren  all tagged me and I don’t really have any other posts ready to go for today, so I thought I’d throw this one together.  Plus, who doesn’t like to learn random things about people!

I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you want to answer some of the questions, or tell me some random facts, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!  Or, if you have a blog and haven’t already done this, write a post about it!

My 11 Random Things

  1. In middle school, I dressed up as a Spice Girl for Halloween with 3 of my friends.  I was Baby Spice.
  2. As a kid I could have lived on Kraft Mac N Cheese, hot dogs and chicken tenders.  Yep, I was one of those kids.  And by kid, I mean through high school….or maybe older…
  3. A few years ago at a trade show for work I met Martin Sheen.  He is SO down to earth and nice it really wasn’t even like talking to a “celebrity”
  4.  At other trade shows for work I’ve met Daryl Hannah, Keenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, and probably others that I’m forgetting.  I <3 trade shows.
  5.  One time I got my hair dyed and cut short for a teaching/modeling event for my hair salon. 2008 Me
  6. I used to drink a LOT of Mountain Dew.  I remember getting a 24 pack as a birthday gift on multiple occasions in high school.  On the rare occasion that I have it now it tastes SO sweet to me that I can barely drink half of a can.
  7.  My first pet was a blue parakeet named Shadow.
  8.  I got married in the middle of December in Wisconsin.  Yes, there was a big snow storm 2 days before the wedding.
  9.  I’ve been taking photos of my food way before it was cool.  I had (and still have) a camera with me at all times since middle school.
  10.  Senior year of high school I went with a bunch of my friends on a week long hiking trip with school through the Smoky Mountains.
  11.  I never drank coffee until I was almost out of college, and I didn’t start drinking tea until a couple of years ago.

A mix of questions they gave me to answer

  1. (K) What is the last book you read? The last book I finished reading was Bossypants by Tina Fey – which I’d highly recommend for a good laugh. 
  2. (M) What’s your favorite kind of cheese? I’m not very particular about my cheese as long as it isn’t spicy.  I’d say fresh mozzarella is my favorite at the moment.
  3. (L) 2 Million Dollars, 3 Months Off, Where would you go and What would you do? I would have to travel somewhere.  Somewhere warm.  Or maybe travel to many places throughout the whole 3 months?
  4. (M) How many places have you lived since you were born? I’ve only lived outside of Madison, WI for 5 months of my life, and that was for a semester of college at St Cloud State University.
  5. (K) Have you ever been part of a team sport? Yes! Growing up I played tennis, softball, basketball, and soccer. (I also breifly did Gymnastics)  In high school I continued to play tennis and soccer.
  6. (L) What would your Best Day Ever look like? It would be a day full of relaxation, knitting, coffee, friends, sun, and fun.  There would probably be some sangria involved as well. 🙂
  7. (K) What is the strangest food you’ve tried? Uh, well you know I’m not one to try strange foods….hmmm…  When we were in Mexico a few years ago I had some kind of seafood and rice dish that had little baby octopus looking things in it, as well as calamari. I was definitely grossed out.  Now, I don’t think calamari is all that bad (especially deep fried), but anything with tentacles still grosses me out!
  8. (M) Do you use reusable grocery bags?  Yes! In fact it kind of drives me crazy when I forget them. Although we do recycle plastic bags in small garbage cans and they also get used to clean out the cat litter box so they aren’t wasted.
  9. (K) Beer, wine, or soda? Wine.  I’m not a beer fan at all really, except for really fruity stuff, and I barely ever drink soda any more.  That being said, if you asked me what kind of wine I drink, I would say red.  And generally fruity.  I don’t know anything about wine.
  10. (L) Sweet or Savory. What food specifically? Hmm..  I do have a weakness for sweets, but really any carb with cheese is probably my weakness.  Pizza, noodles, bread, etc.
  11. (K) Cupcake, cookie or donut? Are brownies an option?  I think I’ll go with cupcake, since they are super trendy right now so everyone seems to be making some delicious variety!

5 Responses

  1. Um. Your eye makeup is HOT in that pic! Love it!

  2. Completely agree about the plastic bags!!! If I could count the amount of times I bought NEW reusable bags at the market just so I didnt have to use the plastic ones. Trying to make the difference 🙂

  3. Don’t tell anyone (you know, as I post this on the Internet) but while my family ate homemade mac & cheese with Christmas dinner this year, I ate a specially prepared side of… Easy Mac. 🙂

    • Hahaha that sounds SO similar to many family meals at my house with a special macaroni and cheese just for me 🙂

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