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Project Runway All Stars Finale Part 2

Least Favorite – Austin. Like they said in the critique, more like a “best of” rather than a collection.  Although, throughout the season I think I liked more of his designs than Michael’s designs.

Austin [source]

Favorite (and the winner!) – Mondo! I really loved the majority of Mondo’s collection.  It was definitely his aesthetic, but toned down just a bit so it didn’t seem as crazy as some of his pieces.  I LOVED the tunic and leggings that Mondo made  – which with the design made out of the scraps from other challenges!  I want it and would absolutely wear it.  I also really liked the Rorschach pattern dress.


I also should just say that although I don’t think that Michael’s designs were deserving of the win, they were good, and well constructed, and mostly wearable.  They just weren’t really anything special.  Throughout the season I think his designs were weaker in general than both Austin and Mondo though.

A few other thoughts from this season:

  • I think the thing that I heard from most previous Project Runway fans/friends of mine about the All Stars season was “Where is TIM?!”  This season was not the same for me without Tim Gunn.  I guess that shows how much of an impact he has on the viewers…..and maybe even the contestants. Sorry Joanna Coles, you just don’t have the charisma that Tim does.
  • Although it was fun to see all of the ridiculous that the different “charachters” brought to the table when they were all together, I’m not sure it really made me more interested in the design aspect of the show.  Each person had a clear aesthetic in mind going in, and it wasn’t really going to change week after week.  Some of the fun of seeing new designers is seeing them evolve and learn their what their aesthetic is with each challenge and critique.  This All Stars business seemed to be much more reality TV than design.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, its just harder to look at it as design show.
  • Overall I did really enjoy the season, and even though some of the challenges were ridiculous and the designs weren’t always fabulous…….and certain people got pretty obnoxious to watch every week……but  it was entertaining, which really is what it is meant to be, reality television.

What were your thoughts about this season?!?  How do you feel about the All Stars versus than the regular season? I kind of feel like they are almost two different shows!

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  1. I wanted Mondo to win from the start (even on his own season), so I’m thrilled. That Rorschach pattern dress was amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted someone to win at the very beginning of a reality show and had it happen.

    Regarding the season overall, it’s definitely not the same without Tim. If it wasn’t All Stars and I hadn’t already been invested in the competitors, I don’t think I wouldn’t been interested (as it is, I haven’t watched the past couple of new seasons). I’m kind of glad it’s over, actually, now I can get back to doing other things.

    Thanks for the weekly posts! I’ve really enjoyed “watching” with you!

    • Thank YOU for reading and commenting each week!! Its been fun, kind of like a group discussion 🙂

      I kind of agree though about being glad the season is over. I felt like the season as a whole was pretty predictable as to the order that people were sent home at least, even though some of the challenges were more interesting.

  2. i’m so happy the mondo won! i like his collection the best, although i actually really liked austin’s too.

    michael’s didn’t do it for me. it all looked like stuff i could go find in a store now…nothing new!

    i really missed tim on this season too. i’m not sure i’ll watch another season if tim’s not in it.

  3. I’m in agreement with you and with Emily. Mondo deserved to win his season so I ‘m excited he won this season. I was fascinated that his rorschach pattern wasn’t a print and gave me greater admiration for him.

    At the recap show they showed a side by side of his first finale collection and this. You can still see Mondo but he’s matured as a designer to know that contrasting patterns can exist but don’t need to be so in your face.

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