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Iron Cupcake Madison: Chocolate

A couple weeks ago there was another Iron Cupcake event! This time the theme was chocolate and it was held at the East Side Club.  Since the first time I went to an Iron Cupcake event, which was about a year ago, it has grown tremendously.  I don’t know if chocolate had more of a universal appeal than some of the other themes or what, but the place was packed!  In fact, I got there right when it started at 3:30pm and had to wait about 30 minutes to get in! Crazy!!  They did start offering the option of buying tickets online for these events, and those people who bought online didn’t have to wait in the line to pay, so I think I will be choosing that option in the future!  As with other Iron Cupcake events, all of the proceeds from went to benefit a charity.  This time they were donated to the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis society.

Cupcake Line

Not only were there more people at this event, but there were more bakers too!  Normally there were a few more bakers than the 10 you got to choose for your $10 donation, but this time the choices were a lot more difficult.  Choosing only 10 cupcakes from 21 bakers is hard!  It was also a little harder to choose since the bakers were on both of the levels of the East Side Club, so you couldn’t see all of your options at once.  In order to avoid having to squeeze my way through too many crowds and risk bakers running out of cupcakes, I decided to pick 5 from the upstairs group and 5 downstairs.

Here are what my 10 baby cupcakes looked like in a group:

Chocolate Cupcakes

Overall I think I made some good choices.  Although, I did see someone with an Inception cupcake (aka cupcake in a cupcake in a cupcake)  that I wish I would have gotten to try!!  I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the cupcakes in the past competitions, but with there being so many more bakers this time around I feel like there were a few more duds than there have been in the past.  Still overall most of my choices were delicious…..maybe it was because some were SO delicious so that is why it seemed like others fell short?

With the theme being chocolate I was afraid there would be many cupcakes that were the same, or very similar.  There were cupcakes that were very similar, but none were really identical since the bakers all put there own spin on the idea – I was definitely impressed with that!

Movie Cupcake

The cupcake above was not one of my favorite tasting cupcakes but I thought the decoration and display was pretty cool.  They had a movie theme, so all of their cupcakes had black, white, and grey frosting and their table was decorated in black and white movie type props.  My favorite addition was the little filmstrip that they stuck in the cupcake to identify their number!  The cupcake itself just was a bit dry and plain compared to some of the others.  It did have a blood orange filling that was interesting and different….but not really something that I liked.

Guiness Cupcake

The above cupcake is a Guinness Chocolate Cupcake with Frothy Orange Frosting.  Although I didn’t really taste the flavor of Guinness or orange, I really liked this cupcake.  It was moist, simple, and delicious.   I also really liked their display for the cupcakes:

Guinness Display

Car Bomb Cupcake

Another cupcake that I thought was interesting was the Irish Car Bomb seen above. (If you are not familiar with the term, it is a mixed drink involving Guinness beer, Bailey’s Irish Creme liqueur and Jameson whiskey – not a weapon) Although, again, I’m not sure it tasted like anything more than chocolate.  However, it was decorated nicely – the husband enjoyed the little mini peanut butter cup on top.

One of my definite favorites was the Spring Fling cupcake.  This was a chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream cheese and mango buttercream.  As a whole it was delicious, but the frosting itself was what really did it for me. It had a layer of chocolate and a layer of buttercream!  Unfortunately my photo of this one didn’t turn out so well, so you’ll just have to imagine what that deliciousness looks like.  In the photo of all of my cupcakes, it is on the far right in the second row.

Oreo Cupcake

This last cupcake was definitely my favorite.  It was a chocolate Oreo cupcake.  It was so good!!  The actual title that the bakers gave it was Dinos-oreo, so it had a little gummy dino on top and their table was decorated to the theme as well.  The cupcake was moist, sweet – but not too much – and an interesting concept.  Really, you can’t go wrong with Oreo!

Overall it was another great event!  As these events become more popular I hope they can manage to keep up with the demand!  When I was leaving around 4:30 (1 hour after the event technically began) they were turning people away, and several bakers had run out of cupcakes!  I realize that it takes a lot of time and energy for the bakers (who are volunteers by the way) to make the cupcakes, I just wish that more people could experience this fun event!

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  1. oh man, i really need to make it to one of these events! all of the cupcakes look awesome! bummer that there were more duds this time around though….

    • You do! I hope they continue to be as popular as they have been so they keep doing them, but I hope they can find a way to get not sell out so quickly. Watching them have to turn away kids without cupcakes because they are sold out is heartbreaking!

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