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Weekend Cravings…or Chores

The weekend is here!!

Katy Loves

This week was very full.

Full of show watching – television and stand up comedy.
( looks like the link to Nick Offerman’s show that we saw is no longer available 🙁 )

Full of delicious and easy foods.

Stuffed Pizza

Full of running.

Full of work.

Full of life.

I am definitely ready for a restful weekend.  This weekend cravings post is less of cravings and more of just things that need to be done….that I’m not necessarily excited about doing.  But they are things that need to get done in order for things to feel less crazy.

The lawn and flower beds need to be weeded.

Things for donation and garage sale need to be sorted and boxed.

Blog posts need to be written.

Desserts need to be baked.

Runs need to be ran.

Hello weekend, I’m ready to dominate you! …in the best, most relaxing way possible. 🙂


Do you have plans for this weekend?  What are you craving?

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  1. i am so ready for the weekend too! i am ready to be lazy 🙂 i am doing a mud run tomorrow…but after that, bring on the laziness!

    • I bet the mud run is going to be a blast! Good luck, and I hope the rest of your weekend is very relaxing 🙂

  2. I am also having a lot of “to-do”ing going on over here! Hope your weekend is full of goodness, my dear!


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