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Thursday Things

Some random thoughts on this Thursday.


Yesterday was the husband’s birthday.  I made him these cupcakes.  They are some sort of mash-up between peanut butter cup and worms and dirt.  The recipe isn’t really anything fancy, but I can write it up and post it if anyone is interested.



There is construction going on pretty much right outside our house right now.  It won’t end until October.  The noise drives me crazy – and not to mention that my 5 minute drive to work has become at least double that most days. I swear they start making noise at sunrise some days – and they don’t stop until after sunset.  Is there some kind of city noise ordinance that they have to comply to?  I feel like before 7am is WAY to early to start making that much noise. Am I right?


The packet pickup for Crazylegs is at Best Buy.  That seems very strange to me.


The winner of my BICBands giveaway hasn’t claimed their prize!  It has been over a week since I announced the winner, SO I drew another number: 40!



Congratulations Julie!  Please email me at browniesandzucchini[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize!


I started knitting another sweater!  It is called Umbre Lovre and it is a super cute short sleeve.  It seems easy enough and I LOVE the stitch pattern.  If I had my way right now I would stay home, sip coffee, catch up on my DVR and knit all day.  Anyone think they can pull off the romper look? Check out Romp Around the Clock.  I want to knit it but I don’t want to wear it.  Any takers?


The last time I wrote a Organize 2012 post was in the beginning of February.  Ooops! I’d like to pretend that I am still doing things and just not blogging about them….but that mostly isn’t the case.  I definitely need to get back on track with that!


I’m guest posting over on Badger Girl Learns to Cook today!  Head over to her site and check out my healthy living tips!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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  1. i thought it was strange that packet pick up is at best buy too…

    also, i drove through that construction the other day when my mom was here – omg. i am SO SO SO glad i don’t live over there anymore. that road seriously needs to be redone, but i’m sure it’s not going to be fun dealing w/ that all summer. 🙁

    • Yeah, your commute to campus (even on a bus) from where you were before might be almost as long as you have now because of the stupid construction!

  2. hahahaha. the packet pick up at Best Buy REALLY made me laugh for some reason. that IS strange!

  3. I haven’t looked at that organizing calendar since February either. Hopefully I can restart in May! (I will if you will!)

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