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Baked Salmon with Herbs

I love CostCo.

I don’t go there that often, since bulk supplies last a long time before needing to be restocked, but I really love going there. Although it is just essentially a giant warehouse filled with boxes, the stock changes fairly often and I have fun shopping and looking around at everything.  I especially love going on weeknights when it is much less crazy than during weekends.

Occasionally CostCo inspires my meals.  I really do try to go there with a list so I don’t get out of control buying random things, but some things catch my eye and I just have to have them.  When I was there a few weeks ago they had a great deal on salmon.  I just recently started cooking fish, but I’ve made salmon a few times and I know it is fairly easy, delicious, and healthy.  So, I decided that the salmon would be our dinner that night…and probably leftovers for a few nights to come.  Costco size salmon definitely feeds a few more than 2 people.

After I got home, I started looking for new salmon recipes.  I knew that I wanted something easy and baked, but not really much else.  So I Googled. (Yes, Google is totally a verb)  Of course the internet is filled to the brim with recipes.  This is a generally good thing, it is just often hard to sort through the not-so-great recipes to find the good ones. I decided to go with a recipe I found on AllRecipes.com. You can find it here.

It was really easy to make, and used ingredients that I have on hand most of the time.  In fact, I’m sure someone more creative and confident with cooking than I am could have probably just made up this recipe on the spot.

Herb Salmon

The salmon turned out really good!  The flaky fish and the crispy herb topping was delicious! Since we had obviously more salmon than we could eat in one sitting, we saved some of it to eat as leftovers.  Meals aren’t always as good re-heated, but we got lucky because this was just as good! The crispy herb crust stayed pretty crispy, even though we just reheated the pieces in the microwave! Salmon success!

Ease: A, it would be pretty hard to mess up the topping, and the salmon just sits in the oven and bakes.  Easy.
Taste: A, really good.  The mix of herbs was delicious, and I loved the crispiness mixed with the fish.

Would I make it again?  Yeah I think so! Hopefully CostCo will have a deal on salmon again soon because that was a great meal AND good leftovers that actually got eaten!

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