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The weather is getting warmer, and with warmer weather comes more excuses not to run outside. (Because for some reason I’ve now decided that I’d rather run when it is 50 degree weather than 70 degrees.)  However, with the warmer weather also comes more runners.  More people talking about running means that I’m thinking about running more often.  I follow lots of runners on Twitter, so its pretty rare that a day goes by that someone isn’t doing a training run, signing up for or running a race.   Recently, those fellow runners tweets, runs, and plans have become a major source of inspiration for my running.  I <3 this community.

Muddy Shoes

I thought today I’d share a few of the things that have been inspiring to be active lately.


I’m always amazed with the super long overnight relay races that people do (like RANGAR) and many of my friends and blends have done them.  The whole race is so long that they include 2 vans full of people per team, and part of the race is run at night!  As you read this (Friday and Saturday) the Reach the Beach Relay in happening in Massachusetts.  There is a team of bloggers running, and it includes a fabulous bunch of ladies:  Tina, Monica, Gretchen, Theodora, Anne, Ashley, Sarah, Patricia, Elizabeth, Bridget, Ali, and Melissa!   ALL of these ladies are such an inspiration because I know that not only will they rock out those miles that they are running, but I’m sure they will have a blast doing it.  I can’t wait to read all of the blog posts.  Good luck ladies!!

Side note: Meghann’ of Meals and Miles got proposed to (she said yes!) at the end of one of these relay races in Florida last Winter! You have to check out her posts, Derek (her fiancé) did such a good job putting everything together! (here)


This weekend, some other good friends of mine are running a 15K! Heather, Jen, and Alicia are running a 15k in upstate New York and I wish I could be there to cheer them on! These three ladies are some of my biggest running supporters and inspirations – not to mention some the most awesome people that I know.  🙂


Remember when I wrote about my friend Ashley who had a bad bike accident last fall? She is back running (and biking, and crossfitting, and yogaing) and is still the amazing and inspiring, goal-setting, Ashley that she was before the accident.  She has run multiple races – including a 50K! – since the accident and is determined to savor each moment.   Nothing but love and inspiration.


Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point inspired me with her fitness routines before, and she still does even when she is 9 months pregnant.  She still regularly gets out for a long walk or swim. I am so impressed and inspired by how she makes it a priority to keep as active of a lifestyle as she can at this point in her pregnancy when I’m sure she could make a million excuses not to.


Other people who you should be following/reading because they are pretty amazing and inspiring people to my fitness in general:

– Mindy of Just a One Girl Revolution
– Cynthia of It All Changes
– Laura of Becoming the Odd Duck
– Carly of Carly Bananas 
– Sarah of Sarah Learns 


Is there anyone that you would add to my fitness inspiration list??

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

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  1. thanks for the love, my dear 🙂 I wish you were here, too! Can’t wait for that 8K in Richmond 🙂

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