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  • Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I am a picky eater. On this blog I share recipes, new (to me) foods, restaurants, and products that I try in an effort to expand my tastes. You might also find me talking about my pug Olive, Miss Kitty, Project Life, my journey with running, and more! Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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Writing Recipes

I’m a recipe follower.

I’m not the kind of person who can just start with a general idea of a recipe and easily change it up to be something that would more fit what I’m craving and what is in my kitchen. That is why this blog is in the format what it is.  I read many other blogs of AMAZING recipe creators, so I figured I might as well just trust in their recipes, instead of going out on a limb and making my own – I’m sure not nearly as amazing – recipe.  And I’m totally ok with that.  When cooking meals under a time crunch, and being a picky eater, it is almost always better for my sanity to have someone else’s recipe to follow, rather than making my own and not knowing how it will turn out.


That being said, this blog and my cooking confidence have grown in the past 2(!!) years that I’ve been writing about recipes. While most of the time I still would rather follow someone else’s recipe than create my own, there are times where I feel like I want something particular and want to make it on my own.  This realization hit me earlier this week when I was SO excited that the delicious Mini Maple Banana Pancake Muffin recipe that I posted fit the theme for the Recipe Wednesday series over on the Healthy Living Blogs (HLB) site.  Not familiar with HLB, or Recipe Wednesdays? Let me explain.  The HLB site was created to enhance the relationship between bloggers, their community of readers, each other through tips, tricks, tools, encouragement, and excitement in many different healthy living categories. Each week the HLB admin team comes up with a category and they host a link-up of HLB member recipes that fit that particular category.  Sometimes it is a specific ingredient (like asparagus) and sometimes it is more general, like last week when the topic was brunch.  One of the recipes is then featured the next Wednesday.

Since I was so excited about adding a recipe to the list (even thought that recipe wasn’t actually MY recipe), I thought maybe I should be blogging more recipes so that I could be a better participant in the community. Then I anxiously awaited the next Wednesday when the new topic would be announced.  There are definitely some things that I still feel like there is no way I could come up with a recipe involving so I was a bit worried that might not be a good place to start.  But, I was in luck!  The topic for this week is SMOOTHIES!  I felt pretty confident that I could come up with a smoothie recipe, so that is what I’m in the process of doing.  It may not be anything fancy, but I have to start somewhere, right?

Don’t worry, this blog is not really going to change format.  It will still be mostly restaurant and recipe reviews, with some other random thoughts and things thrown in, and maybe a new recipe here and there. Oh, I did create a recipe page though! Check out the handful of recipes that I’ve already blogged, and be sure to check back when more have been created! You can go here, or click on the “Featured Recipes” widget on the right sidebar.

Are you a recipe follower or recipe creator??

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