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Adventures in Smoothie Making

I guess maybe I underestimated how easy making a smoothie was.


It seems like if you just throw some fruit, a little liquid, and some ice into a blender it should come out as a delicious smoothie right?  Apparently not.  At least not for me.


The flavor is good, but the texture is all wrong.  small chunks of ice and slightly watery rather than that smooth texture that I feel like smoothies are “supposed” to be.


I’ve been using my food processor instead of a blender, since my blender is at least 30 years old and has not done well at all for me in the past.  It hasn’t really made a huge difference.


So the whole “make a smoothie before Wednesday” goal is coming along…but I’m not sure I’ll make it.  At least I have CostCo size amounts of fruit to experiment with!

Do you have any tips for how to make delicious smoothies??  Please share!!

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  1. I don’t use ice at all. I freeze the fruit im eating. The liquid part I use yogurt.

    • I’ve had a lot of people suggest frozen fruit instead of ice, I’ll definitely have to try that. Thanks!!

    cut into chunks.
    cut tops of strawberries.
    put banana & strawberries [and any other fruit you are using, prepped before hand] in the freezer.
    let it freeze.
    add it to your food processor. Add some liquid [juice/milk/etc]
    this is the BEST WAY with my food processor.

    • One would think that peeling the banana BEFORE freezing would be obvious. But It isn’t since I definitely froze a peel-on banana to try last weekend. Peeling a frozen banana is not so easy – I learned the hard way.

      Thanks 🙂

      • I didn’t know to freeze the banana POST peeling either when I was making smoothies!!!!! I had been using frozen fruit from a mix bag except for the banana.

  3. I rarely use ice in my smoothies! My general rule is if I want a thicker smoothie, I’ll use a full banana and yogurt. If I want something that’s more liquidy, I’ll just add milk with the banana.

    Did you happen to see this week’s Healthy Living Blog recipe roundup? It’s all about smoothies!!

    • Thanks for the tips!

      Yes, I did see the HLB smoothie roundup, it is actually what inspired me to (attempt to) make a smoothie! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you need a high-speed blender…I swear by my Vita-Mix!

  5. Frozen bananas are great for smoothies, or also Greek yogurt. And guar gum (you can find it in the natural foods section usually by the flours) helps to thicken smoothies.

  6. I love that you used fiber-rich ingredients to build your smoothie. Too bad it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted. Frozen fruit is totally the way to go. But I’m sure you’ll build the perfect tasting smoothie soon! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty sure frozen fruit is key. Hopefully I will figure out something soon!

  7. I agree about the fruit being frozen. I never add ice. I add a touch of orange juice and plain greek yogurt… it is thicker and adds great flavor!

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