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Restaurant Review: Wishbone

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

It isn’t often that I get convinced to try new styles of food. However, Chicago is filled with some of the best chefs and restaurants out there, so I figured that I couldn’t really go wrong with trying a new style of food while in town.  My parents suggested Wishbone, which is a “Southern Reconstruction Cooking” style restaurant.  I was a little skeptical at first since I didn’t see too many things on their menu that I would typically eat but it had gotten good reviews from other people, and it was different than what I’d normally eat, so I decided to try it.  If for some reason I really didn’t like whatever I got to eat there would be plenty of places to pick something up to eat on the way back to the hotel.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is super fun and laid back.  I’m not sure what I was expecting in  “southern” style restaurant decor, but this wasn’t it.  It was very eclectic and  modern.  The neighborhood that the restaurant is in is filled with cute shops and would be a great place to take a walk before or after your dinner.

To start, we got chips and salsa for the table.  This was a very unexpected – and not southern? – thing for me, but the chips were actually delicious! The salsa was a bit spicy for me, but the chips tasted very fresh and crispy.

Wishbone Chips and Salsa

I also ordered a berry sangria that they had on special.  I don’t remember exactly what was in it but I believe it was red wine, strawberries, and melon.  It was delicious.  Definitely on the sweeter side which is how I prefer my sangria.

Wishbone Sangria

For my entree I got the grilled salmon with sauteed spinach and home fries. I know this isn’t exactly a southern dish (in my opinion at least) but it is what sounded best to me. It turned out to be very good!  I’m liking salmon more and more and this was definitely done well.  The spinach, I’d say, was almost more steamed than sauteed which was great.  I was expecting a mushy pile of green but I got some warm slightly wilted leaves which went very well with the salmon.  The home fries were good too, but not anything spectacular.  They didn’t really go with the rest of my meal either, but I suppose that was my choice.

Wishbone Salmon

(There really is salmon in the photo, it is just hidden by the heaping pile of spinach!)

Overall the meal was good and although I don’t feel like the meal that I had was really “southern,” other people had more typically southern dishes and said that they were good too.

Taste: A, good, honestly better than I expected!
Cost: A, the food isn’t exactly cheap, but you get a LOT of food for what you pay.

Would I go there again? I think so? Aside from the meal that I had there wasn’t a whole lot else on the menu that was appealing to me, but this food was good, and it was a fun place with friendly waitstaff and quick service.

Wishbone on Urbanspoon

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