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My Cupcake Tour of Chicago

Full Disclosure:  I paid for these treats with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

The past few times that we’ve gone on vacation, the husband and I have started a bit of a tradition.  By now I’m sure you are well aware of our love for desserts.  However, its often tough when we eat a little later and we don’t want to eat extra during the day and ruin our delicious dinner.  We’ve found a new strategy to still get our dessert in – we pick it up during the day, drop it off in our hotel room and then come back after dinner to eat it! It seems to work well.

When we were in Chicago last weekend, we happened to have cupcakes for dessert three out of the four nights that we were in town.  I decided to put them all in one post so they would be easier to compare.  So here goes.

Flirty Cupcakes Truck

Ever since my trip to Los Angeles last summer I’ve been a bit obsessed with food trucks.  I love the idea of having a short list of specialty items to choose from that are (generally) made fresh for a quick and fun meal.  The one thing that I don’t love about food trucks: you generally don’t know too far in advance where they will be.  Twitter has made finding them a whole lot easier, but even then its hard to plan for where they might be on a certain day and time.

Flirty Cupcakes Truck

Flirty Cupcakes is a cupcake truck that roams Chicago.  One of my major goals for this trip was to find this truck. (and of course get cupcakes from it!) I had been checking its location on Twitter every once in a while once we got to town, and magically on the second day that we were there it happened to be pretty close to where we were! We headed out right away to find it, and we made it!

Flirty Cupcakes

We each chose two that we wanted to try.  I chose the For The Love Of Chocolate – A chocolate cupcake filled with Nutella filling & swirled with a chocolate Nutella buttercream, and the A Raspberry Stole My Heart – A chocolate cupcake with a raspberry cream cheese filling, topped with a raspberry cream cheese, chocolate chip frosting. The husband had the Oreo which is a chocolate cupcake with a creamy oreo buttercream topping, and also a S’Mores which must have been a daily special because I can’t find a description of it on their website.

They were all pretty good.  The cupcakes were moist, they looked nice, and the flavors were interesting, but the ones that had filling had very little in it.  I just wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor either.  They definitely weren’t bad, they just weren’t my favorite.  I don’t really feel like they were much more than I could make at home.

Taste: B+, not bad but I didn’t love them.
Cost: A-, they were about the same as other places at $3.25 per cupcake, if I liked them more they would definitely be worth that cost.

Would I go there again? I don’t think so. Maybe if we happened to find the truck, but I don’t think I’d search it out again.

Flirty Cupcakes on Urbanspoon



Sometimes I forget how large of a trend cupcakes are right now – and how large of a city Chicago is! Going into this trip I knew I wanted to visit the Flirty Cupcakes truck, but I thought I had pretty much exhausted my other options in the area that we were staying.  Luckily, I know plenty of people in the area (at least on Twitter) and they are always recommending different places to me!  More was recommended to me by Stina.  I had never heard of them before, but they were close enough to where we were so we decided to give them a try!

More Box

The shop is small, but very cute and chic looking.  There weren’t a ton of different options to chose from, but they did have a pretty good variety.

More Cupcakes

I chose S’Mores and Chocolate Champagne, the husband chose a Key Lime and Cookies N Cream.  Unfortunately there were no further descriptions of the the cupcakes there or online so I’ll have to do my best to describe them to you. I’m not sure what how the champagne plays into the cupcake that I had, but it was a good chocolate cupcake!  The frosting was pretty light and the chocolate cupcake was rich and moist.  The Key Lime that the husband had was pretty self explanatory.  The Cookies N Cream was a vanilla cupcake with tiny cookie pieces and topped with creamy frosting and cookie crumbs. The S’Mores was my favorite though.  It was rich chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow goo (I’m sure that isn’t the technical term) and topped with a light chocolate frosting with a hint of cinnamon, some graham cracker crumbs and a fresh(and very delicious) marshmallow bite.

Overall they were good! I don’t think they are my all time favorite, but they were definitely delicious, and little different – two things that I’m always looking for in my cupcakes.  Looking on their website, there are other cupcakes that I want to try too – like the feta strawberry?! Oooohhh….

Taste: A, fancy and tasty.
Cost: A, I believe these were around $3.50 each, so pretty much the same as others in the area.

Would I go there again?  Yeah I think so!  There are other flavors that I would definitely like to try.

More on Urbanspoon


Magnolia Bakery

Yes, you this name might look familiar to you.  Either you know it as one of the first well know bakeries, or it looks familiar to you because I’ve also blogged about going to Magnolia Bakery’s in New York City AND Los Angeles.  The bakery in Chicago actually just opened within the last year so it was another new place for me to visit during this trip! This also means that I’ve now visited it in all 3 cities (although it has multiple locations in New York City) – the only location that I haven’t been to is Dubai….and unless I win the lottery I don’t see that happening soon.

We visited here towards the end of the trip, so we were a bit tired – and full of delicious food – so we didn’t go as overboard with variety as we usually do.

I got a Lemon Cupcake which is a delicately textured lemon cupcake filled with a tart lemon cream and topped with lemon meringue buttercream.  It was very good. I always love the lightness of their frosting, and after a weekend filled with mostly chocolate cupcakes the lemon was a refreshing change.

Magnolia Cupcake Lemon

The husband opted for a chocolate swirl cheesecake instead of a cupcake.  I guess we were both looking for variety!  I had some of the cheesecake as well and it was very good!  Although it is called swirl, it is really more like regular cheesecake on top and chocolate on the bottom with a chocolate cookie crust.  YUM!

Magnolia Cheesecake

I’ve had other non-cupcake sweets of theirs in the past as well, and they are always very rich and delicious.

Taste: A+, some of my favorites for sure.
Cost: A, again, around the same as the rest of the city.

Would I go there again? Yes. If not for cupcakes, maybe just for other sweets.

Magnolia Bakery on Urbanspoon


For the record though, my absolute favorite cupcakes right now are still Molly’s Cupcakes that is in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.  So good.

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  1. My food tour loving heart loves this post! 🙂

    • I don’t know how you do it! I mean it of course is a blast getting to try all kinds of things, but man was I stuffed by the end of the weekend!!

  2. I feel like a terrible Chicagoan – I had no idea a Magnolia bakery opened up here! 🙂

    I really need to try Molly’s cupcakes! I was at a blogger event (in Lincoln Park) with Krista last night and one of the other local bloggers there was talking about them!

    • It just opened within the last year for sure, but possible even more recently than that. Chicago always has so much going on I don’t blame you for not being able to keep track of it all!

      Molly’s. Yes. Do it. 🙂

  3. I love all of those… they just LOOK amazing. I am glad that the presentation of cupcakes keeps improving, it makes them all the more appetizing!

    • Me too! I love that they all just doing look like a pile of frosting and bakers are getting much more creative. It makes it much more fun since cupcakes are such a huge trend right now!

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