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Restaurant Review: David Burke’s Primehouse

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

When we go on any kind of a trip, or to a new city, the husband and I pretty much always go out to one nice dinner.  This dinner generally involves steak – although if we were on either coast it would more than likely involve seafood.  I really only eat steak once every few months, so I like to make sure that the steak that I eat will be delicious.  A month or so ago I was watching some random television (either Food Network or Travel Channel) and they had a special on steaks.  They talked about the different cooking and seasoning processes, different kinds of beef, and where some of the best steakhouses in the country.  Lucky for me, there were a few that they mentioned that were in Chicago!  Out of the few that were mentioned, we decided that David Burke’s Primehouse would be the best option.  It was within walking distance and it seemed like a more modern steakhouse, which is what we tend to prefer.

David Burke

The menu had SO many things that we wanted to try, it was hard to choose!  We were very close to getting the goat cheese puffs as a appetizer, but its probably a good thing we didn’t because we were definitely stuffed by the end of the meal.

I started off with a glass of the Andeluna Malbec.  It was delicious and I ended up ordering another glass to go with my dinner.

David Burke Wine

The meal started with a bread, per usual for a steakhouse.  However, this was a bit different kind of bread than standard – it was a popover!  I don’t know that I’ve actually had a popover before, but it was definitely exciting to see something that was more than just bread and butter.  It was also delicious.  It was probably good that we didn’t get offered more than one.

David Burke Popover

I started my meal with a wedge salad.  I left off the onions and got ranch dressing instead of blue cheese.  You can barely see it in the photo, but peeking out from underneath you can see a tomato vinaigrette that also came with the salad.  I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it actually went really well with the ranch to add a little bit of a different flavor to a fairly plain salad.  I like my salads pretty plain, but the way, so that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

David Burke Wedge

The type of steak that David Burke’s is known for is the dry aged.  I’m not entirely clear on how aging meat works, but I know that this is done with a dry rub, rather than a wet rub.  The husband and I usually get a more tender filet cut, but we both were intrigued with the dry aging and figured we should try it since it is what they are known for. The waiter was very helpful in helping us decide which cut would be best for a first try since we are used to the filet cut.  He suggested the 35 day Kansas Strip as a starting point.  I was not brave enough to veer that far from my normal, but the husband decided to try it and I snagged a bite.   It is definitely a different texture, and slightly different flavor than what I am used to.  You might think that a dry aged steak would be dry, but it really isn’t.  It is still juicy, but the aging process gives it a more distinct flavor.  I didn’t mind the steak, but since the cut is more marbelized (meaning there is fat all throughout) and I am not a fan of the fatty pieces, eating this cut involves a lot of cutting around things to get to the good parts.  Well, unless you are a more hardcore steak eater than us and just power through the whole thing including the fat.

David Burke Steak

With his meal the husband also ordered the hand cut truffle asiago fries.  I love the little container they came in!  I actually didn’t get a chance to try these, but they sure looked good!  Also, as far as portion size goes, for a side item this was rather generous.  We probably could have split these between the two of us with our steaks.

David Burke Fries

For my dinner I got the South Side Filet – which was a bone-in filet.  The first time I ever had a bone-in filet was in Los Angeles last fall and I remember it being so delicious, so when I saw it on the menu I just had to get it.  If you like a normal filet cut, you would love the bone-in!  It is the same tender cut, but the bone gives it such a great flavor.  So good.  This filet may have been the largest I’ve ever had.  I guess I should have asked how large it was before I ordered, but this was a large steak for someone who usually only eats a 6 or 8 ounce filet! It was so good though, I ate pretty much every bite.

David Burke Filet

With my steak I got the snap peas which had mint and pearl onions incorporated in them.  I was so happy with this choice as a side.  The crisp, fresh, pea pods were a great contrast to the hearty steak.  The flavor of the mint was subtle, but it was there and a nice touch.

David Burke Peas

After we finished our dinner we started to discuss dessert.  We don’t often get desserts at restaurants anymore, since we’ve started the cupcake’s after dinner trend, so we tentatively decided that we wouldn’t get dessert.  Really, there wasn’t a lot of room left in our bellies anyways, so it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make.  Then the waiter brought out the dessert menu….just to look at of course.  That is when I spotted the Kickin’ Donuts – which are donuts that you fill yourself!  I just couldn’t resist.

David Burke Donuts

They came out in another cute container, with three different fillings: caramel, vanilla, and ginger peach.  The little donuts by themself were delicious, and the fillings added a fun extra bit to the experience.  I’d say it was definitely worth the $7 that it cost.

David Burke After

When the bill came we got two more little treats along with it.  We were definitely stuffed by this point, but we did have a couple bites.  Both of the little cakes were good, but I think the lemon was my favorite.  I definitely like that fresh, slightly tart, taste.

Overall it was a great meal and dining experience.  Our waiter was wonderful answering our questions and helping us make decisions.  The food was fantastic – definitely up there with my favorite steak house ever.   I loved the modern twist on a lot of the menu items, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious steak in Chicago.

Taste: A+, right up there with my favorites.
Cost: A-, it is definitely not an inexpensive place, but the food and experience really are worth the price you pay.

Would I go there again? It’s hard to say, since there are so many steak options in Chicago, but I definitely think this is one of my favorites.

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