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Restaurant Review: Stir Crazy

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

On our last day of our little vacation, we decided to head out of town early and stop in Schaumburg for lunch.  Schaumburg is just outside of Chicago, so its always nice to get out of town before traffic gets too bad and then stop.  There are many, many different restaurants in that area so it is somewhere that many people stop – they also have a pretty great selection of stores to shop at as well. We were hungry but we didn’t want to spend too much time searching so we just picked the first place that looked good to both of us which happened to be Stir Crazy.  I had heard of Stir Crazy before, but pretty much all that I knew is that it was one of the places that where you make your own stir fry.

Stir Crazy Sign

It is similar to other places that I’ve been, but there are definitely things that I like more about this place than other places I’ve been. Other places that I’ve been have everything out on a salad bar type area to pick from to make your stir fry.  That means that the raw meat is sitting there visually right next to the raw veggies.  However, at Stir Crazy, you choose your meat and they add it in after you pick out all of your veggies and sauce.  I like this a LOT more – and I’m not even that grossed out by raw meat.  I would imagine that someone who doesn’t eat meat, or is just grossed out by it, would like this way even more.

Other than that they are pretty similar.  Lots of fresh veggies and a variety of different sauces to choose from.  One of the things that I know the husband liked about this place compared to others is that they have peanuts to add to your stir fry! And just like peanut crumbles that you can top it with but actual whole peanuts. Those went very well with his chicken, peanut sauce, veggies and rice.  He did say that he wished he had put more sauce on though.  They recommend you put two ladles of sauce on, but I agree that three or maybe even four would have a been even better.

Stir Crazy Rice

For my stir fry I decided to get tofu as my protein and rice noodles instead of rice.  My vegetable mix includes zucchini, yellow squash, bean sprouts, spinach, and pineapple (yeah I know, thats a fruit).  I topped it with sweet and sour sauce.  It was pretty delicious.  The potion was quite large too for a lunch! I don’t think the husband or I finished our entire bowl full.

Stir Crazy Noodle

It was definitely a good choice to stop there on the way home.  It tasted very fresh, and although I was definitely full afterwards I was not super uncomfortable on the car ride home.

Another thing that they have that is different from other restaurants of this style is that they have quite a large menu aside from the “Create your own” option.  I know some people don’t like that option, so having other meals available is definitely a plus, especially if you are there with a larger group.

Taste: A+, I really liked my my meal and the whole process.
Cost: A+, I believe it was $8.99 plus a few dollars for the protein for an unlimited lunch portion.  Great deal if you ask me.

Would I go there again?  Yeah, probably. I kind of wish they would bring one to Madison actually!  It seems like it would be a good choice for a fresh, veggie filled meal on a night when I didn’t feel like cooking but still wanted to have a good healthful meal.

Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill on Urbanspoon

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  1. This is a place I’ve been DYING to try!!!! I will need to give it a go sometime soon!

  2. You should check out Flat Top Grill in the Hilldale Mall has the same concept

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