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Monday Musings

Hi friends!  I can’t believe how this past week has flown by! I guess when you are on vacation for five days you realize all of the things that need to get done when you get back. I’m here again with some random thoughts on this Monday.


I had a blast in Chicago! We went and saw 3 different comedy shows, ate lots of delicious food and did a bunch of touristy things the rest of the time we were there.  I hadn’t been to the Shedd Aquarium in many, many, years so that was our first stop.  We also made it to the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, and the Sears Willis Tower Skydeck.  It was a packed full trip (which is always how our vacations end up!) but lots of fun.  Although, after eating out for that many days in a row, I’m definitely ready for some home cooked food!


The last time I posted about a recipe that I made was a month ago.  And it was cookies. I don’t remember the last time I made and photographed an entree to share on the blog…..that’s not good. The last month has been filled with travel, which means the blog is filled with restaurant reviews and iPhone photos.  I do love to travel, but its really about time that I start making some actual meals in the kitchen again.  There are some events I have on my calendar for July, but hopefully it will be a much calmer month and I’ll be able to get back into the routine of making an actual dinner every day, and hopefully also leftovers for my lunch!


So I already told you that I’m going to Healthy Living Summit in August, right? Well, the other day I came home to a fun box of swag from on of the sponsors, Wild Harvest!  They are holding a breakfast recipe contest for all of the HLS attendees using their products.  I opted out of the actual contest, but they were kind enough to send me a box of their products to try and get to know them better before the Summit, how cool!

Wild Harvest

Thanks, Wild Harvest, for the goodies! I can’t wait to see everyone at HLS!


I also got a fun package in the mail from Noodles and Company! They offered to send me vouchers to try their new salads that are on the menu this summer and I am so excited to try them! Noodles is on of my favorite places to eat (I’m not entirely sure how I haven’t done a review of them on the blog yet!), so I am definitely excited to see what these salads are like!

 Noodles Salad


This weekend is a big event in Madison – Saturday is Rhythm and Booms!  Aside from Disney, this is my favorite fireworks experience.  Growing up in Madison, it was always a fun summer event (it is always around Independence Day) and it hasn’t lost its appeal since I’ve grown older.  My in-laws actually live pretty close to where it is held so its a convenient spot to hang out beforehand.  There is always lots of family in town, and it makes for a fun party.  The past few years I’ve brought a dessert to the party, and I’m lost of what I should bring this year!  Any suggestions??  I usually look for something that can sit out for a long time with no problem, and since its summer, fruit is usually involved.  In the past I’ve made star cookies, fruit pizza, and Oreo balls, just to name a few.  Anyone have suggestions for something that would be delicious and fun?


Tomorrow is a big day for this little blog….its my TWO year blogging anniversary!!  I cannot believe that i’ve been blogging for two whole years, its been a blast.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun giveaway in honor of the past two years!

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  1. i haven’t gone to rhythm and booms even though i’ve lived in madison for almost 4 years now! we’re going to be camping this weekend, so i guess i’ll be missing it again. 🙁 bummer.

  2. I am so glad I read this- had no idea rhythm and booms was Saturday. Maybe we can actually go this year!
    That’s really cool about the Healthy Living Summit. Can’t wait to hear more about it. 🙂

    • Yes, you should definitely try to go! Even if you don’t go to the park to watch, I bet you could find somewhere out by you to watch the fireworks from afar!

  3. SO JEALOUS… I love love love Noodles and miss it, they don’t have any in Florida!!! I bet their salads are amazingggg. I love their soup and ANY of the pasta if it has chicken on it… so tasty. I love that they let you customize things in the pasta, I bet the salads are the same!

    • If I had an unlimited budget, I’m pretty sure I would eat at Noodles every day. Also – its not super unhealthy for a takeout place! I’ve never had their soups, but I can only imagine they are as good as everything else! And yes, I LOVE that you can customize everything!

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