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Restaurant Review: Zoba Noodle Bar

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money.  I am not being compensated for this post and the opinions are completely my own.

Last weekend I was down in Evanston, Illinois to celebrate my brother’s graduation from Northwestern.  (he got his Masters of Science in Secondary Science Education)  We drove down Friday night in an effort to get more sleep than we probably would have if we had to get up early and make it down before the ceremony at 10am Saturday Morning.  Neither the husband or I could take off work on Friday, so we just both decided to leave as early as we could and head down as soon as we were both done.  We ended up leaving around 6:30pm and getting down to our hotel in Evanston after 9pm.  Since we wanted to just get there as fast as possible we didn’t stop for food on the way – I was quite hungry by the time we arrived.  We chatted quickly with family members about plans for the next morning, and then ran off to get some food. I was a little concerned that we would arriving way too late to have any kind of decent meal, but there turned out to be quite a few options for us to choose from.  Since it was so late already, we stopped at one of the first places we found – Zoba Noodle Bar.

To start, we ordered the fried tofu.  This is one of the husband’s favorite appetizers – especially since we have yet to master the texture of the crispy tofu at home.  This came with a sweet and sour sauce and some shredded carrot as well.

Zoba Fried Tofu

For dinner, the husband got the Sweet and Spicy Crispy chicken.  He said it was good, but nothing super special, tasted similar to the same type of dish at other restaurants.

Zoba Chicken

For my meal, I had the Pad Thai with Tofu.  I think this might be the prettiest presentation of pad thai that I’ve seen!  The flavor was pretty bland, but it tasted good.  The real stars of the meal were the piles of diced peanuts and raw bean sprouts that are hiding under the pile of shredded carrots in the photo.  Those are two of my absolute favorite parts of Asian food.  It definitely hit the spot after a long day of work and travel.

Zoba Pad Thai

This meal was honestly more than I expected to find that late in the evening, definitely a good surprise!

Taste: A-, not anything special, but definitely good!
Cost:  A, not bad prices, especially considering the portion sizes were definitely generous – I couldn’t taken my leftovers home and had made another meal out of them!

Would I go there again? I’m not sure.  There seems to be many different noodle restaurants in Evanston and since nothing was outstanding about this one I’m not sure we would go back before we tried some others.

Zoba Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. what was the star on the carrots?

  2. This looks delish, I would eat all three of these! I want to get into tofu, I should probably start with finding some great restaurant versions before attempting at home.

    • Yeah I would definitely suggest trying restaurant versions of tofu first – it is not easy to cook at home! Or at least I definitely haven’t mastered it yet. I’m a big fan of tofu now, especially in Asian and stir fry dishes. It pretty much takes on whatever flavor the rest of the dish has!

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