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Restaurant Review: Bluestone

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money.  I am not being compensated for this post and the opinions are completely my own.

After my brother’s graduation ceremony, we all went our seperate ways for a bit.  The husband and I spent our time walking around downtown Evanston.  Since we had nine people in town, I had made reservations for dinner a few weeks earlier at Bluestone.  I didn’t know a whole lot about it going in, but it seemed like a place that everyone could enjoy – grandparents, other family members, and even picky me.  I’m glad I made reservations ahead of time because the restaurant is not very large.

To start, I decided I would have a drink.  Alcoholic lemonade is one of my favorite beverages, so it was very hard for me to resist the Local Lemonade – VeeV Acai Spirit, lemonade, topped with Three Floyds Gumball Head, served with an orange wedge in a mason jar.  It was so good, I couldn’t resist having a refill! It was definitely that kind of delicious beverage that packs a punch that doesn’t hit you right away, it is a strong drink disguised as delicious lemonade.

Bluestone Lemonade

The table decided to order an appetizer of Loaded Tots – Crispy Tater Tots, baked with cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, topped with spicy chorizo, smothered with sour cream, green onions and jalapenos.  Everyone seemed to really like these.  I did snag one not-so-loaded tot and it was definitely crispy and delicious!

Bluestone Tots

Our meals started out with soups and salads.

The husband had the Chicken Fajita Soup which he said was good, but not quite what he was expecting.  It seemed much more like a chili than a typical soup with tortilla strips and larger pieces of chicken.

Bluestone Soup

I had a side salad, with ranch on the side for my dressing.   The salad was pretty standard.  While it was a decent size, it consisted mostly of shredded iceberg lettuce.

Bluestone Salad

For his entree the husband had the BBQ Meatloaf – 100% ground sirloin mixed with our Chefs secret ingredients. Baked and smothered in homemade bbq sauce, served on a bed of mashed potatoes, garnished with glazed baby carrots.  A couple other people ordered this as well. I’m not a fan of meatloaf, but the presentation sure did look pretty! Everyone seemed to like this as well, and the portion was quite large – as were all of the entree portions.

Bluestone Meatloaf

Bluestone Pesto Chicken

For my entree, I had the Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich which is a grilled chicken breast topped with pesto sauce, melted mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and onion (which I left off), and served on an egg bun with a side of wasabi mayo (which I didn’t try).  I got it with a side of fries, and I honestly didn’t need them at all.  They were easily my least favorite thing that I ate, very bland and not great.  The sandwich itself was delicious.  You can’t really tell by the photo, but the sandwich is quite large, and the pesto is hidden underneath the cheese that is covering the chicken.   Although the bun looks slightly burnt in the photo, it was really perfectly crispy on the edges and soft on the inside.

Overall everyone seemed to enjoy their food as well.  Even though the restaurant was small and a bit crowded the waitstaff were very friendly and accommodating.  The selection of food is also pretty large – sandwiches, pasta, pot roast, burgers, chicken pot pie, and more. Definitely something for everyone.

Taste: A, although everything wasn’t perfect put everyone seemed to generally love their food.
Cost: A, considering the portion size and quality of the food, it was well worth it.  Not too expensive at all.

Would I go there again? I’m not sure. Even though I really did enjoy my sandwich there are SO many restaurants in the area that something would have to be really outstanding for me to want to go back more than once.

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  1. The waitstaff was outstanding there! My salmon pesto pasta was delicious! Good pick Kelly.

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