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Search Term Questions

Something that is fun for me, and almost always puts a smile on my face, is looking at what things people searched for that brought them to my blog. Happy memories, good food, good friends, fun vacations, lots of things on this blog that make me happy.  Occasionally I see search terms that are in the form of a question.  I thought I’d throw some of those questions (or phrases) into a post and answer them!


“cupcakes times square crumbs vs baked by melissa reviews”

The answer to this one is easy: Baked By Melissa wins.  While Crumbs is good at what they do – large, decadent, sugar filled monster cupcakes – Baked By Melissa is such a different concept that they are the clear winner in my eyes.  Delicious flavors, unique cupcakes, and a super cute Times Square store. Winner.  (This is also the answer to this search term question: “bestcupcakes near times sq”)

Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

“does zucchini go well with salmon”

Yes, yes it does.  I suggest roasted zucchini with garlic, and maybe even parmesan crusted.  YUM!

 “can you register for the color run the day of the race”

The answer: if somehow the race doesn’t sell out ahead of time, yes I believe you can register day of race.  However, even just packet pickup the day of my Color Run race was a pretty long line, so I definitely suggest registering ahead of time. Also: the Chicago race that I ran sold out months before the race – in fact I believe it sold out about a month after registration opened!  Related: “what time should i get to the color run on race day?” – I got there about an hour ahead of time and ran in the third wave.  However, since it is super relaxed, there are people trickling in until the very last wave and they are no different than those who went right away since it isn’t timed at all.

“how do you make oreo peanut butter balls”

Here is the post you are looking for: Peanut Butter Oreo Balls.  See also: Nutella Oreo Balls, Mint Oreo Balls, and the original Oreo Balls.  Make them.  Eat them.  Bring them to parties.  They are delicious.


There is one search term question that I don’t have an answer for though: “i love zucchini song” Anyone know what this might be referring to?

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  1. I had baked by melissa cupcakes while I was on vacay last week!!!!!! They were soooo delicious, I loved all of them! Which flavor is your fave?

    • Oh, they were all sooo good! I think the Chocolate Chip Pancake is my favorite, although the Mint Chocolate Chip is up there too!

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