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#HLS12 – Exploring Boston

One of the things that I love the most about going to the Healthy Living Summit every year is getting to explore a new city.  This year the Summit was in Boston – well, actually we were technically across the river in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I had never been to that area before at all, so I was excited just to see Cambridge, but I decided that I should go visit Boston proper while I was so close as well – who knows when I’d be back!

Luckily, we had some time to spare on Friday morning before the Summit started so my roommate Alicia and I headed over to Boston to explore.  Alicia had been to Boston  a few times before, so she had some suggestions for where we should go – thank goodness because I had no time before hand to research places in the city that I might want to go!

Quincy Market

We headed out pretty early in the morning and caught a cab into Boston. When we arrived at Quincy Market it was pretty empty – apparently this is highly unusual. We walked around the market a bit before stopping for breakfast/lunch at Bagelville.   There were many, many, food choices at the market but since it was still pretty early in the morning I decided that a bagel was the best choice for me.  I’ll do a full review of Bagelville soon, but I’ll say now that it definitely hit the spot!

Boston Massacre

After getting food, we wandered around the outside area of the market a bit more.  The area – well, really the whole city of Boston – is very historical, so it was fun to see lots of those things.  When I read the post from Elizabeth prior to the Summit about what to do if you have free time in Boston, one thing that really stuck with me was the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture.  If you aren’t familiar, Make Way for Ducklings is a children’s picture book by Robert McCloskey about a family of ducklings – and it is based in Boston Public Garden.  Neither of us knew exactly where the sculpture was, but with a quick search on our phones (thank goodness for smart phones!) and a helpful National Parks Ranger that we ran into in Boston Public Garden, we made our way to the sculpture.

Boston Statue

The whole park really was beautiful, it reminded me a bit of Central Park in New York City, but on a more intimate scale.  The sculpture itself was adorable, and I’m glad we made it in to the city to see it!  Although the park wasn’t super crowded as a whole, the sculpture was crowded with children checking out the ducklings so it was a little bit hard to get a good photograph of the whole thing, but that is what public sculptures are for!


After that it was time to head back to the hotel.  We walked around a little bit in an effort to catch a cab – and I’m kind of glad we did because we saw the bar that the television show Cheers was based on!


When we got back to the hotel, it was time to help with setup for registration…..I’ll talk more about the actual Summit in another post. 🙂


I also got to explore Boston on Saturday night after the Summit sessions ended. Kristin, Emily, Danielle, Mary, and I decided to head back to Boston proper for dinner.  We took public transportation over to the city this time and headed to Scollay Square for dinner.


The food was pretty good, and the company was great.  (Full restaurant review to come)

After dinner – even though we were all pretty full – we decided to head over to Mike’s Pastry to get some dessert. We walked over to the North End of Boston and it was crowded! Of course it was a Saturday night, and the weather was gorgeous, so I’m sure people were taking advantage of that.  The line to the shop was long, but moved pretty quickly.

Mikes Pastry

There were SO many different pastries to choose from, I’m not sure how I managed to get just one! I was definitely surprised that I liked the pastry as much as I did, acutally, since I’m usually not a huge cannoli fan, but it definitely hit the spot. (Full review to come.)


I’m so glad that I managed to make some time in the busy weekend to explore the city!

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