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Restaurant Review: Bagelville

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and the opinions are completely my own.

When Alicia and I headed to Quincy Market on Friday morning, I was excited for all of the food choices that I would have! Right as we walked into the market, we saw Bagelville.  I tried to keep an open mind and think about other foods that I might want to eat that were a bit out of my comfort zone since there were so many options, but the bagels had me.


I had the Scrambled Eggs Breakfast – plain bagel, and no meat.  I was kind of expecting more of a breakfast platter, but it turned out to be just a scrambled egg bagel sandwich.  Still good though!  Oh, and yes, this is half of the bagel.  I may have been a bit hungry and ate the first half before I remembered to photograph – oops!

Bagelville Sandwich

It was cool too that you could see them cooking the eggs right in front of you!


Maybe this wasn’t the most adventurous choice that I could have made, but it was definitely delicious.

Taste: A, it was good.  It was a bit bland, but  that was probably more of an issue of what I ordered than the actual restaurant quality.
Cost: A, not much more than you would pay for pretty much the same thing at a chain bagel restaurant.

Would I go there again? Yes, I think so.  If I was in the area looking for breakfast this would be a good choice.  Hearty portions and fresh ingredients!

Bagelville on Urbanspoon


Random side note:  Every time I say/hear/see Bagelville it reminds me of the Justin Timberlake SNL Omeletteville sketch.


I couldn’t find a video so this photo will have to do.  Anyone else know the sketch I’m talking about??

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  1. I love SNL! Great reference!

    On youtube I could only find a 30 second clip of Justin Timberlake and omletteville (followed by a random 30 second Conan clip)

  2. Aha! This is great!

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