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Restaurant Review: Scollay Square

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and the opinions are completely my own

After the Summit ended on Saturday, pretty much everyone was tired.  We had all just listened to lots of great speakers, and had lots of great conversations with other bloggers.  Even though we were tired, a few of us decided to head back in to Boston proper for dinner.  Emily, Kristin, Danielle, Mary, and I decided that since we were already so close, we might as well spend some more time in the city – who knows the next time we would be back!  We ended up taking public transportation into the city which was definitely out of my comfort zone, but luckily Emily was pretty familiar with the system and had it under control!

(Photo courtesy of Kristin)

Thankfully, Kristin was a little less busy than I was with the conference and was able to look up some restaurant possibilities and get us a reservation at Scollay Square.  The restaurant had a bit of a bar/pub feel to it, but was a pretty laid back atmosphere.  There were actually a few items on the menu that I had a hard time choosing between which I’d say is a good sign for a picky eater like me!

We were all set to order, and then the waiter told us the specials. Three of the five of us immediately changed our orders and got the special instead.  I was thinking about getting salmon anyways, so when I heard that the special was miso glazed salmon, asparagus, and lobster mashed potatoes, it was an easy decision.  There wasn’t anything that didn’t sound good about that dish.

Scollay Salmon

The salmon was delicious.  Cooked perfectly and a light miso-soy flavor.  The mashed potatoes were good, especially since there were large pieces of lobster in them.  These weren’t potatoes flavored with lobster, there were definitely lobster pieces in the potatoes.   The asparagus was good, but nothing special.

Overall the meal was good, and all three of us that had the special cleared our plates – we definitely made the right decision in changing our meal choices!

Taste: A, delicious.
Cost: A-, of course it was more expensive than I would typically spend on a dinner, but it was in a big city, and there was actual lobster in the mashed potatoes.  So I’d say overall it was pretty well worth it.

Would I go there again? I’m not sure.  Though this meal was good, there are many, many, other restaurants in Boston to try if I make it out there again!

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