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Monday Musings {3}

A few random things for you on this Labor Day Monday:

1) Last weekend was Taste of Madison! Of course I went, and ate, and enjoyed.  I will have a full recap of my eats on the blog later this week!


2) Remember when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago? I owe you some restaurant reviews from that trip! Those will be coming up this week!  I also have a couple of other Madison reviews coming but hopefully the shift will go from mostly restaurants (like I feel like it has been the past few months) to mostly recipes.  Hopefully.  That being said….

3) I actually made a real meal last week!  Baked cod and zucchini fries – here’s proof:


The bad news is that it didn’t turn out great.  The zucchini fries were good, although they could have had more breading.  The fish had a weird texture in the center for some reason.  It was cooked through but it definitely did not have a flaky fish texture.  Did I overcook it?  Was it because I used frozen instead of fresh? Anyone?

At least I tried, right?!

4) I am not a fan of nut butters.  I extremely dislike peanut butter and definitely do not like almond butter either.  It might surprise you that I ordered some Nutty Butter from The Smart Kitchen. I ordered the cookie dough flavor knowing that the husband would definitely enjoy it and maybe I would give it a try too.

Nutty Butter

Since it didn’t smell at all like peanut butter…or really even nut butter… I decided to give it a try.  So I took a spoonful…and then another…. man it is good!!  I really think the swirls of chocolate are what makes it so delicious.  That little bit of added sweetness makes me think that I am eating something much different than nut butter.  Well done, Sarah!  Now please start selling them wholesale so I can get my local grocery store to carry it 🙂

5) I am so excited that it appears the weather is cooling down!  I know a couple of months for now I will be wishing for the warm weather again, but I am SO excited for Fall to be here! Warm coffee, knitting, college football, boots, cardigans, mmmmmm…….

Hope everyone has a great week!!

5 Responses

  1. I’m excited for fall too! Any drop in temp here will be appreciated.

    I don’t eat fish so I can’t help you with that part… but for the zucchini fries- my tips are to make sure you cut them evenly (so they’re all done at once), use real egg whites not the bottled stuff, and use regular, not panko, breadcrumbs. I found panko didn’t stick as well and fell off more easily. Good luck next time- they’re one of my staple recipes!

    • Interesting about the panko vs regular breadcrumbs! I did use panko this time, so next time I will try the regular kind and hopefully they will work better! Thanks for the tip!

      …and yes, I realize they need to be cut more evenly….laziness is pretty much the only excuse for that one!

  2. i wish i could have made it to taste of madison! 🙁 we ended up leaving town earlier than planned on saturday and getting back later than planned on sunday, so we completely missed it.

    and ditto on sarah’s cookie dough nutty butter! i’m obsessed! wishing i had ordered more than one jar of that flavor…..

    • Awww, bummer!! I almost texted you just to make sure you knew it was this weekend since you said that you’d never been, but if you were out of town it wouldn’t have mattered 🙁

  3. Hooray for cooking a “real meal.” 🙂 And DOUBLE excitement that you liked the Nutty Butter…

    Wish I could have been at Taste of Madison too! Or on that trip to Chicago…

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