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Eplegaarden Apple Picking

Last weekend I went with my family to Eplegaarden to pick apples. I really wanted to go apple picking again this year but had heard that since we had some weird weather this Spring and Summer in Wisconsin this year (We had unseasonably cold AND unseasonably warm stretches) that there wasn’t much available for U-Pick apples.  Luckily, my friend Sarah let me know that she had checked around and Eplegaarden had apples to pick!


So on Saturday, my brother and his girlfriend were in town to celebrate my Mom’s birthday (which is today!  Happy Birthday Mom!) and decided to join my parents and I apple picking.   It was definitely a chilly start to the day, about 40 degrees, but it warmed up a bit as we got moving and eventually the sun came out.  I had been to this orchard two years ago so I was familiar with how things worked.   Unlike many other orchards, they have you pay for a bag upfront and fill it with however much will fit.  Personally, I like this and think that it makes it easier not only for the customers but less hassle for the workers as well.


There were only a handful of apple varieties available to pick, but I am planning on using them mostly for baking so I wasn’t too concerned about getting a specific kind. We ended up getting mostly Empire and Melrose.



Since the weather was pretty cool and we went early in the morning it was not crowded at all.  There were a few other families there, but no waiting in line or fighting over the best apples.

Apple in Hand

They also had raspberries to pick, as well as pumpkins.  Unfortunately the raspberries were not at their prime and we decided it was probably a bit early to be getting a pumpkin.  The pumpkin patch did remind me a bit of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown though.


Freshly picked apples are really the best, and I’m so glad I got to go picking again this year.  Look for lots of apple recipe posts in the near future!!  And if you don’t see me posting apple related recipes in the next week or so please harass me so these apples don’t go to waste! 🙂

Do you have any apple recipes that you think I should try?

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  1. I want to try making dried apples – I think they’d be nice to have on-hand to throw into cookies, granola, etc.

  2. That looks like a blast! I am too picky about apples (will only eat Granny Smith’s) but it sounds like it would be really fun if you are into lots of types.

    • It is fun! So funny that you are the opposite picky that I am – Granny Smith’s are the exact opposite of what I like! There are some varieties that are similar in flavor to the Granny Smith though – although I’m not sure you could find anywhere to pick apples in Florida!

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