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The Thing About Being Busy

Often times when I am asked how my life is, or how my day is going, my default answer is “busy.”  I’ve realized recently that when many people say that they are busy it often has a negative connotation – busy with things they don’t want to do or are stressful.  When I say it though, I don’t usually mean it in a negative way.  I actually enjoy being busy.

I know saying that I’m busy is all relative, I don’t have kids, I have a husband who pitches in around the house with chores and errands,  and I have a pretty flexible job, I really am pretty lucky that my version of being busy isn’t the stressful version that many people seem to think of.

I’m much happier when I am busy.  I mean, I’m a happy person in general, but especially when I’m busy doing things.  I’m a planner.  I enjoy having things to do and having things to look forward to. That isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes have to do things that I’m not so happy about. Taking my car in to get fixed, doing laundry, driving across town during rush hour to get parts for our broken shower, unloading and unpacking heavy boxes at work – I can’t say that I look forward to doing these things, and I’m not sure I know anyone that does!

Some of the busy things that my life includes these days:



Watching football games on TV

Walking the dog….I probably should actually be doing this more…

Pug Walk


Watching my favorite TV shows

TV Time

Mildly obsessively playing iPhone games



Cleaning and organizing the house…also something I should be doing more often…

Doing work for Healthy Living Blogs

Family TIme

Painting my fingernails


Working my day job

Reading Blogs

…just to name a few things.

There can, however, be too much of a good thing.  Just because I generally enjoy these things, they can become stressful when there are many of them happening at once.  Even if I do enjoy all of them, just the sheer amount of things to do can become stressful – which I suppose is a Catch 22 for someone who says prefer to be busy.

I’m just thankful to have so many great, exciting, entertaining, thought provoking, and fun things to do each day – even if they do cause stress me and cause me to complain about being tired and busy.

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  1. What a great post and so true on all accounts…I like being busy too!!!

  2. I feel the same way. I’ve learned that I am so much more productive with lots of things going on than when I just have a few 🙂

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