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Flights and Foods

It is Friday, right?  Traveling and working on the weekend really throws off my sense of what day of the week it is!

I’m back from Louisville! No flight delays this time, but I feel like I jinxed it with such easy travel because my checked bag did not arrive back at the same time that I did. ­čÖü ┬á ┬áLuckily, things went according to plan and it was┬ádelivered┬áto my house only a day later. ┬áLuckily there wasn’t anything in there that I needed immediately, so it wasn’t the horrible situation it could have been.


(random side note: That adorable pug luggage tag took its last trip. ┬áThe strap is broken and no longer functional ­čÖü Luckily I noticed it was ripping before I checked it so I do still have the pug, it just no longer functions as a luggage tag.)

There is a good chance I will be working at least part of the weekend, but I do have one thing to look forward to: the Isthmus Food and Wine Festival! I wasn’t going to go because I already have so much going on, and I wasn’t sure that I would eat and drink enough to pay for the $40 ticket, but I ended up winning a free ticket through Yelp Madison on Twitter! ┬áI definitely can’t turn down a free ticket to a food event! ┬áI’ve never been before so I’m excited to see what its like, and I will definitely report back with the deliciousness!

I suppose going to the Food and Wine Festival makes the fact that I’m not at Foodbuzz Festival this weekend a little less sad. ┬áEvery year I wish and hope that I can go, but it is always a bad time of the year for me to be away from work. ­čÖü ┬áI hope everyone who is at Foodbuzz this weekend, have a great time!! Enjoy San Francisco for me!

The rest of my plans for the weekend: Relaxation.  Lots and lots of much needed time spent on the couch.

Enjoy your weekends, friends!!

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  1. jealous that you’re going to the isthmus event! i hadn’t really heard about it before, but i just looked at the website – it sounds like it’ll be amazing!

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