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Walking Trade Shows

So, as you may remember, last week I was at a trade show for work.  If you aren’t familiar with what a trade show is, typically it involves rows upon rows of vendors that want to sell you things. As a trade show attendee, this means that you walk these rows basically as long as you can before everything just becomes a blur at which point you are no longer productive and then it is time to call it a day.  At the last show that I was at, I did this for a solid 3 days – and that is pretty typical for what I normally do.

One of the things that really pushed me to buy a FitBit was that I was really curious how much more I walked during these shows than a typical day.  Sure, I could’ve probably used some app on my iPhone to tell me how much I walked, but in order for it to be accurate it probably would have had to use the GPS function, which means it would have drained my battery.  Maybe not a big deal for some people, but I am hopelessly addicted to my iPhone and I would be very sad if it died – especially while walking around at a trade show. (I know, its an obsession) So, this was the first show that I went to while using my FitBit and I was excited to see that the results were as I suspected!  I walked a LOT during the show.

To give you a point of reference, most normal work days for me without any extra exercise are around 7-8,000 steps.

This is what my days at the show looked like:


These numbers are almost entirely walking around the show, as well as some walking around the city to dinner.  But the majority of steps were at the show.  Thank you FitBit for proving to me that I do actually walk the crazy amount that I think I do at these shows! ….and that buying those more expensive and more supportive shoes is completely necessary 🙂

Speaking of walking all over, I was excited to see Zensah at the trade show!  The show I was at was not at all running or fitness related, but Zensah is trying to branch out and sell their compression gear for more everyday use for people with poor circulation, or who are on their feet a lot, as a recovery tool.  I use them multiple times a week for those purposes, so I was definitely excited to see them there!

Compression Socks

I was also excited to see them because I had been eyeing the compression socks (I already had the sleeves) for a while and it was nice to see them in person.  I was also lucky because I was able to buy some at the show!  My tired legs were very grateful.

Do you travel for work?  Where is the most fun place you’ve gotten to go?

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  1. woop woop! nice job on all of the walking. 🙂

    i’ve gone to one conference per year for the past three years for grad school. we went to anaheim, san diego, and orlando. i liked san diego BY FAR the most! that might have been mostly because my sister came down to visit and stay with me for the conference, though!

    • I want to go to San Diego so badly!! We almost went while we were in Los Angeles last summer but ran out of time. At least all of the places you’ve gotten to go are warm! 🙂

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