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10 Random Acts of Kindness

Believe it or not it is officially November and Holidays are quickly approaching.   My day job is in retail so maybe I see the seasons come quicker than most, but there is no doubt that Halloween is now a thing of the past and Thanksgiving is less than a month away.  With the season of being thankful, and giving, I thought I’d get a head start on things and share some ways that you make another person’s day a little extra special.

Random Acts of Kindness

  1. When you are stuck waiting in line for coffee, pay for the person behind you.  This happens to me at my usual drive through every once in a while and it pretty much automatically turns my day around every time.
  2. Hold the door open for someone with lots of bags/children.  A simple act that might just brighten someone’s day.
  3. Visit a blog you love but rarely comment on.  Search for some of your favorite old (or new) posts and comment on them!
  4. Send snail mail.  A postcard, letter, or more, who doesn’t like getting “real” mail?!
  5. Leave an Operation Beautiful note in a public place.  Maybe the bathroom mirror, gas station, or local restaurant.  These are sure to bring a smile to whoever sees them!
  6. Donate Blood. 
  7. Donate a bag of your old things.  Now is the time of year where many transition into warmer clothes, Fall/Winter decor, and other changes. Instead of bagging it up and throwing it in the basement where it may or may not be found when it is needed again consider donating it to a charity where it will be put to good use!
  8. Compliment a stranger.  Next time you see someone who has on a beautiful jacket, or great boots, or a fun hair cut, tell them how great they look.  I guarantee it will make them smile.
  9. Do a chore that your partner/roommate usually does. 
  10. Volunteer your time.  Share your interests and expertise where they can be best put to use.  Read to a local elementary school student, walk dogs at the local shelter, rake your neighbor’s leaves.

What random acts of kindness have YOU done recently?

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  1. I love Random Acts of Kindness. This is a great list and a great post!

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  3. Very cute & inspirational list! Can you imagine if we all did these little gestures every day? The world would be just a little brughter! Thanks for sharing!

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